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#1. I became much happier when I realized I shouldn't depend solely on my career for my sense of self. So I developed other interests and surrounded myself with a small group of friends I could trust. - Author: Douglas Wood
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#2. There are a lot of us little gypsies out there that need to go and find another place you know. A safer, healthier or just a different venue in order to develop and find ourselves. I am so lucky to live the life that I do. - Author: Drew Barrymore
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#3. I never wanted to be a model. I never wanted to be a serious actress. I started off doing comedy. I did a stand-up comedy camp at the Laugh Factory, and I started out on Nickelodeon. - Author: Amanda Bynes
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#4. For the modern physicist, reality is the whole thing, past and future joined in a single history. The sensation of now is just that, a sensation, and different for everyone. Instead of one master clock, we have clocks in multitudes. - Author: James Gleick
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#5. I didn't get rattled by the criticisms. It is like delivering a baby. Some might say it has a flat nose or big eyes. But you cannot do anything about it and must learn to live with it. - Author: Kiran Khalap
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#6. Do what is right and be prepared to pay the price. - Author: Christopher Taylor
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#7. A madman in particular has always a very strong reason for the crimes he commits. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#8. It has been rumored that we have fired scud missiles into Kuwait. I am here now to tell you, we do not have any scud missiles and I don't know why they were fired into Kuwait. - Author: Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf
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#9. Dreamt all night of horticulture prospects of
in northland futures for horticulturalists versed
in cut-ups developing new strains new fruits
as for example "tremeloes - Author: Wystan Curnow
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#10. I am who I am and I have the need to be. - Author: Antoine De Saint-Exupery
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#11. It still makes me happy to think back to those words and that look - Author: Anne Frank
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