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#1. It is no exaggeration to describe plain English as a fundamental tool of government. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
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#2. Her capacity for love overshadows the stars, lightening crackles malevolently in the wake of her wrath and for all the tangled mess woman brings to man, in her glory, she is the divine Goddess. - Author: Virginia Alison
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#3. Mama was a natural cook. At harvest time, she would whip up a noontime dinner for the men in the field: fried chicken with milk gravy, ham, mashed potatoes, lima beans, field peas, corn, slaw, sliced tomatoes, fried apples, biscuits, and peach pie. - Author: Bobbie Ann Mason
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#4. The mind is weak, and it must be mastered, controlled. The body, it knows no master save for instinct and, unfortunately, it is built for terminal suffering. - Author: Jennifer Arnett
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#5. She started to turn, but before she could step away, Tamani grabbed her hand. Without breaking eye contact, he raised her hand to his face and brushed his lips over her knuckles. - Author: Aprilynne Pike
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#6. The future is too soon the past. So make perseverance your excellence and go confidently in the direction of your dreams. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#7. A blacksmith can go anywhere. A detective inspector only goes where the dead bodies are."
"But there aren't any dead people here today."
Mina glanced over her shoulder at the chest Newberry carried. "That's why I brought my own. - Author: Meljean Brook
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#8. I've always been called a professional opportunist, and in the future I'm open to anything. We've spent a lot of time offshore, looking at opportunities in real estate outside the United States. - Author: Sam Zell
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#9. They waited nearly two hours, but it was becoming increasingly clear that, for whatever reason, he wasn't going to show. - Author: Christa Faust
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#10. A vacuum is a hell of a lot better than some of the stuff that nature replaces it with. - Author: Tennessee Williams
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#11. It was really amazing. I mean, he'd never mentioned that he played in the symphony, like serious violin playing, not fiddle playing. And he just blew us away. - Author: Guy Clark
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#12. We cannot be pepped up and enthusiastic about doing something exciting and feel dragged down by worry at the very same time. One kind of emotion drives out the other. - Author: Dale Carnegie
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#13. I don't read a lot of books. - Author: Usain Bolt
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