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Top 59 People's Egos Quotes

#1. For us who are now in power, we need to be challenged to serve the people and ignore our own egos and personal interests so that we can really demonstrate to other African states that it is possible to share power without going to war.

Wangari Maathai

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#2. It was as if for the remainder of his life he was condemned to carry with him the egos of certain people, early met and early loved, and to be only as complete as they were complete themselves. There was some element of loneliness involved
so easy to be loved
so hard to love.

F Scott Fitzgerald

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#3. Primitive people alienate themselves in their mana, their totem; civilized people in their individual souls, their egos, their names, their possessions, and their work: here is the first temptation of inauthenticity.

Simone De Beauvoir

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#4. When you get talented people together with egos, this is kind of what happens.

Tommy Ramone

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#5. At work, or anywhere in life, people should be a team, working for the best of all, not protecting individual egos.

Jay Woodman

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#6. One difference between artists and ordinary people is that artists have big egos. In some cases, it's the only difference.

Charles Atlas

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#7. There are people with a lot more talent than I have who have been weeded out of the league because they couldn't put their egos aside to fill a role.

Kurt Rambis

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#8. What's insidious about the fear of what others will say is that you rarely hear them say it. You imagine what they'd say. You imagine they care that much about you. The fragility of our own egos gets the better of us

Jeff Jarvis

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#9. People deal with all sorts of obstacles at work. There is the fear of failure, plus confrontations with mindless bureaucracy, with other people's egos, with your own ego, with unethical practices, with incompetence, and a wide variety of issues related to race, gender, and sexual orientation

Lodro Rinzler

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#10. What counts is a way to get along with people that will bring us personal satisfaction and, at the same time, not trample upon the egos of those we deal with.

Les Giblin

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#11. I don't want egos and personalities on the set that make it more difficult to make the film. I don't want people who take the focus away from the movie and the ideas behind the movie.

Neill Blomkamp

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#12. When a friend told Francis Bacon that he would prefer not to have an eternal soul than to live in eternal torment, the painter replied with a grim realism that people are so attracted to their egos that they'd probably rather have the torment than simple annihilation.

Os Guinness

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#13. And I like asking questions, to keep learning; people with big egos might not want to look unsure.

Heston Blumenthal

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#14. Powerful government tends to draw into it people with bloated egos, people who think they know more than everyone else and have little hesitance in coercing their fellow man. Or as Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek said, "in government, the scum rises to the top".

Walter E. Williams

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#15. I believe in courtesy, the ritual by which we avoid hurting other people's feelings by satisfying our own egos.

Kenneth Clark

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#16. Television just turns people into nightmares. The egos! I call it Omarosa syndrome.

Jackie Warner

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#17. There are some people who call themselves great achievers and they are also desperate for the spotlight just to quench their bloated egos.

Euginia Herlihy

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#18. I think in music and a lot of creative fields, people's egos get in the way of their ability of seeing the big picture.

John Oates

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#19. A true leader is a person whose influence inspires people to do what is expected of them to do. You cease to be a leader when you manipulate with your egos instead of convincing by your inspirations.

Israelmore Ayivor

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#20. Some people drink to unleash their libidos, and other people drink to prop up their egos.

Lou Reed

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#21. Creed was ended by egos and people wanting to do their own thing and poor decision-making.

Scott Stapp

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#22. Sometimes the best way to get other people to give up their egos is for you to give up yours first.

Jane Ripley

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#23. Wealth is not to feed our egos but to feed the hungry and to help people help themselves.

Andrew Carnegie

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#24. Popstars really draws you in. It's fascinating. It's interesting to watch people thrown together in that kind of a situation. Even if the egos weren't involved and they weren't trying to be world famous. It's the Real World, only better.

Scott Patterson

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#25. If today people sit and meditate only one or two hours, looking only at their own egos, and call this reflection, how can anything come of it?

Richard Wilhelm

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#26. I don't want to be any kind of producer at all - hands-on or otherwise! I feel producing is a very difficult job and creates ulcers! Maybe some people would like to have a certain amount of control; not me. It's too much stress and includes managing everybody's egos ... handling my own is enough!


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#27. The moralist is the person who tells people that they ought to be unselfish, when they still feel like egos, and his efforts are always and invariably futile.

Alan Watts

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#28. Egos get in the way of ideas. If your arrogance is more obvious than your expertise, you are someone other people avoid.

Jessica Hagy

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#29. People expect not just songwriters but all personalities to pontificate about their egos - they just wanna see someone talking about themselves constantly. I'm not interested in that.

Cass McCombs

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#30. You can tell when people think they're a little bit special, and it's quite fun to laugh at them, and I think it's good to laugh at them, because then you can deflate their egos a bit.

Hannah Murray

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#31. People's need to protect their own egos know no bounds. They will lie, cheat, steal, even kill, to do whatever it takes to maintain what we call ego boundries.

Andrew Samuels

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#32. I can't stand being around anal people, especially anal people with big egos.

Laura Prepon

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#33. Most people are slow to champion love because they fear the transformation it brings into their lives. And make no mistake about it: love does take over and transform the schemes and operations of our egos in a very mighty way.


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#34. The people who want to be recognized as the greatest traders are probably not the greatest traders. Egos get in the way of the process. In my opinion, you never want to be the largest player in the pit.

Blair Hull

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#35. I regret not getting brutally forthright with human beings a hell of a lot sooner than I did. Civility and obliquity are wasted on people who will not make the effort to be harsher or stricter on their own gooey egos than they are on other people.

Kenny Smith

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#36. Pride entices us to favor people who build up our egos. Everyone wants to feel accepted and loved. The best way to rid your life of pride is to surround yourself with people who care for you for the right reasons and not just to stroke your ego. Pride is

Charles F. Stanley

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#37. I knew a ton of actors and was friends with them, but I never dated actresses. I tried to date 'normal' people because the Hollywood dating rule is 'one star per couple' because it's quite a challenge to match the egos of two actors.

Zach Galligan

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#38. You will never find the real truth among people that are insecure or have egos to protect. Truth over time becomes either guarded or twisted as their perspective changes; it changes with the seasons of their shame, love, hope or pride.

Shannon L. Alder

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#39. People talk about egos as if it were objects.

Bob Dylan

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#40. They tend to be suspicious, bristly, paranoid-type people with huge egos they push around like some elephantiasis victim with his distended testicles in a wheelbarrow terrified no doubt that some skulking ingrate of a clone student will sneak into his very brain and steal his genius work.

William S. Burroughs

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#41. Most people are so stuck in their egos that everything revolves around me, me, and more me. But if you want to be rich in the truest sense of the word, it can't only be about you. It has to include adding value to other people's lives.

T. Harv Eker

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#42. I think that between the egos of the actors and the wrestlers in this country we are taking away from the truly dedicated and informed people who should be getting their voice heard.

Dwayne Hickman

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#43. Many people around the President have sizeable egos before entering government, some with good reason. Their new positions will do little to moderate their egos.

Donald Rumsfeld

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#44. Far too many people allow broken egos and wounded prides to convince them to seek justice before they seek understanding.

A.J. Darkholme

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#45. I think the dictator director is based upon stories from the past. I don't think anyone would put up with it now. There are a lot of people on a film set with egos. So, to be completely authoritarian, you'd probably have to have a reputation like Kurosowa or somebody to get away with it.

Colin Firth

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#46. It's ["Into Thin Air"] there in print forever. It's part of history. People should be above taking someone else down. And for what? For money and egos people are willing to destroy other people to further their careers.

David Breashears

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#47. Great people have great egos; maybe that's what makes them great.

Paul Arden

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#48. When you hit the big time, big money, big egos, people don't talk. You have no friends.

Willard Scott

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#49. The rewards go to the risk-takers, those who are willing to put their egos on the line and reach out to other people and to a richer, fuller life for themselves.

Susan RoAne

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#50. I'm used to the egos in the 1960s, '70s and '80s where people just expected massive success and thought it was their birth right to be successful.

Daryl Hall

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#51. They say that only very good friends quarrel. But at the end of the day a quarrel is a fight between two people's egos. Since people cannot understand each other by just being honest. May be its impossible to live your whole life without getting hurt but don't hurt the people close to you.

Ai Yazawa

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#52. In modeling, because you're the center of attention, it builds up people's egos. Sometimes people lose touch with reality. But that happens with acting, too.

Andie MacDowell

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#53. Our own egos are so fragile we cannot bear to give our lives to the raising of children only to have them become ordinary people. There, I said it. The worst thing a 21st-century child of interesting parents could be: ordinary. Like us.

Heather Choate Davis

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#54. In this little room full of people he was suffering the pangs of men whose egos lose their virginity - as happens when they overhear for the first time a beautiful woman's undiluted, full-strength opinion of their masculine selves.

Tom Wolfe

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#55. It's very difficult for people, because when you purify yourself with love you have to merge. Anything in the world is easier to merge than two egos.

Harbhajan Singh Yogi

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#56. A cook never knows if the dish he perfected for hours was described properly or if a guest even liked his food. It's hard to spend hours perfecting a dish only to relinquish control. But chefs need to put aside their egos and trust the people serving the food.

Daniel Humm

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#57. Most success depends on colleagues, on the team. People at the top have large egos, but you must never say 'I': it's always 'we'.

Frank Lampl

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#58. In my opinion, if you really want to know, half of the nastiness in the world is stirred up by people who aren't using their true egos.

J.D. Salinger

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#59. I think that some people get wrapped up in their own egos. They need to see certain album sales and certain monuments.

Solange Knowles

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