Top 12 Penniman Quotes

#1. Mrs. Penniman always, even in conversation, italicised her personal pronouns.

Henry James

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#2. I never in a million years thought i would ever say this, but I'm not going to take you tonight.

Jodi Ellen Malpas

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#3. Q: Why do you blog?
A: Partly to make Butterflies and Wheels more frequently updated and more interactive (as well as that bit more interesting, I hope), but also because I think the world des-perately needs to hear my opinions, and I like to oblige.

Ophelia Benson

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#4. What makes a story unique is not necessarily the information in the story but what the writer chooses to put in or leave out.(pg. 146-147)

Roland Smith

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#5. All the worth of some people lies in their name; upon a closer inspection it dwindles to nothing, but from a distance it deceives us.

Jean De La Bruyere

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#6. Because you need me and if this is my last hour with you, I'm not going to waste another second of it.

Molly McAdams

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#7. Land lied to the feet, and to the soul. You stand, it whispered, upon unchanging ground. You build upon certainty, and your foundations will never crumble. Ms.

Max Gladstone

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#8. I look out my window at the blue sky,
The white clouds,
and the green leaves of the Rustling trees,
And I realize i'm already in Heaven

Michelle Geaney

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#9. I always was fascinated by neat nicknames.

Steve Sabol

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#10. Explore, experience, evolve, and exceed your expectations! - No Excuses!

Lorii Myers

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#11. Where there is no conflict, there is no fault.


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#12. The fight in theatre is focus, focus, focus.

Judy Gold

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