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Top 12 Pengalaman Hidup Quotes

#1. I've been prepared for almost anything; except absence, except silence. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#2. Men are accomplices to that which leaves them indifferent. - Author: George Steiner
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#3. For me it came from the material. It was so well written and brought the opportunity to work with great actors. And of course the opportunity to 'mince about' was an added element that I wanted to take advantage of! - Author: Dwayne Johnson
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#4. The world is full of shitheads, Rhea. Don't listen to them - listen to me. And I know that Lou is one of those shitheads. But I listen. - Author: Jennifer Egan
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#5. Now I've a hope that will surely endure after the passing of time. I have a future in heaven for sure; there in those mansions sublime. And it's because of that wonderful day when at the cross I believed. Riches eternal and blessings supernal from His precious hand I received - Author: John W. Peterson
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#6. And besides, my back feels naked without Jacob curled against it. - Author: Jordan Castillo Price
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#7. I rejoice in the bounty of God, constantly manifesting as overflowing supply here and now. - Author: Catherine Ponder
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#8. Because there is a belief that once you begin to open books, you will become a better person. It is Pandora's box, but in a good way. You are inching toward the promised land, page by page. - Author: Don Borchert
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#9. Most contemporary philosophers are conservative and eager to keep their jobs. - Author: Mario Bunge
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#10. I got into the Shanghai Drama Institute because my parents, like all parents, want their children to have good grades and to go to a good college. I became a college student because of them. - Author: Li Bingbing
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#11. I was beginning to see that Phineas could get away with anything. I couldn't help envying him that a little, which was perfectly normal. There was no harm in envying even your best friend a little - Author: John Knowles
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#12. I love music. I think it's a higher art form, in a way, than movies. You know, a film you see once, maybe twice. A song will follow you forever. It's a magical thing. - Author: Malik Bendjelloul
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