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#1. There are some Christian people who taste and see and enjoy religion in their own souls, and who get at a deeper knowledge of it than books can ever give them, though they should search all their days. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#2. Drinking habits were very prevalent among men, and were not in any way disgraceful, unless excessive. - Author: Catherine Helen Spence
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#3. Remember the past and work for the future...
But never forget to live today! - Author: Carlo Jose San Juan
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#4. When I was 12, I snapped my arm in two. My wrist still has a funny bump because they didn't join it back together so great. - Author: Jessica De Gouw
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#5. Away: that was the only command my body could respond to. Away Away Away. - Author: Heather Demetrios
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#6. The only thing that we have earned at the hands of perfect justice is perfect punishment. - Author: R.C. Sproul
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#7. Woman, thou art a river, deep and wide, Of waters soft and sweet: Alas! I've never reached the other side; Though oft I've wet my feet! - Author: William Batchelder Greene
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#8. Remember, the worst hour of your life only lasts for sixty minutes. (292) - Author: Michael Robotham
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#9. We are naturally moral beings, but our environments can enhance - or, sadly, degrade - this innate moral sense. - Author: Paul Bloom
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#10. Somewhere in my head, a private conviction exists that 'Search is the Process' and 'Discovery the Art Form. - Author: Abe Ajay
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#11. As a child I used to watch clouds, and in them, see faces, castles, animals, dragons, and giants. It was a world of escape
fantasy; something to inject wonder and adventure into the mundane, regulated life of a middle-class boy leading a middle-class life. - Author: Barry B. Longyear
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#12. Movies, to him and the majority of the planet, are an enhancement to a life. The way a glass of wine complements a dinner. I'm the other way around. I'm the kind of person who eats a few bites of food so that my stomach can handle the full bottle of wine I'm about to drink. - Author: Patton Oswalt
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#13. This is certainly not to excuse the violence that exists on TV and films and on the Internet. But the truth is that wherever you go in Europe, there are American films and TV shows that are just as popular as at home. And you don't have that sense of violence in any other place other than America. - Author: Irwin Winkler
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#14. Who does not feel that Nansen's account of his search for the Pole rather loses than gains in ideal satisfaction by the pretense of a few trifling acquisitions for science? - Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
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