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#1. Study without reflection is a waste of time; reflection without study is dangerous. - Author: Confucius
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#2. The scene fascinated me: a round straw hat; the funnel leaning left, the stairway leaning right; the white drawbridge, its railings made of chain; white suspenders crossed on the back of a man below; circular iron machinery; a mast that cut into the sky, completing a triangle. - Author: Alfred Stieglitz
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#3. Stories. One of them went regularly to a market in the neighboring village and helped himself to whatever he liked. He went in full uniform, breaking the earth with his boots, and no one dared touch him. It was said that if you touched a soldier, Government - Author: Chinua Achebe
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#4. Jesus put his life on the line because He trusted that His Father had a greater plan. - Author: Dan Ellis
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#5. "you finally get it." ...
... "get what?" ...
"That I'm yours ... that you can take me ... anywhere, anytime, anyway. That you own every peice of me. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#6. A boy wrote me once to say that he loved it when the news from Lake Wobegon came on the radio because it meant that his parents stopped arguing. That was an eye-opener for me. You work hard to polish your act and then you find out that it does people good in ways you couldn't predict. - Author: Garrison Keillor
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#7. Maybe I'll buy a camera and videotape myself 'a la Paranormal Activity style. Then I'll be able to watch myself sleepwalking and getting up to make pancakes and then standing over Midnight dangling a peice of bacon. - Author: Travis Thrasher
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#8. I'll admit, sometimes I've paid the bills with acting. You know the phrase, 'It's one for the money, two for the showreel.' I don't want that as a director. I don't want to compromise myself. There's a big old wide world out there. I want to explore it. - Author: Paddy Considine
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#9. Are you a peice of Saran Wrap?
Well then why are you acting so clingy? - Author: Lisi Harrison
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#10. There was the same dazzling red glare. The sea gasped for air with each shallow, stifled wave that broke on the sand ... with every blade of light that flashed off the sand, from a bleached shell or a peice of broken glass, my jaws tightened. I walked for a long time. - Author: Albert Camus
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#11. I am not afraid to die because I know heaven is a place of artists, musicians and poets - Author: Rassool Jibraeel Snyman
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#12. What has 32 legs and 1 tooth?'
What?' we all asked.
A West Virginia unemployment line. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
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#13. The key to a better life: Complain less, appreciate more. Whine less, laugh more. Talk less, listen more. Want less, give more. Hate less, love more. Scold less, praise more. Fear less, hope more. - Author: Michael Josephson
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#14. Anyone who writes can be called a writer because they write. - Author: Dejan Stojanovic
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#15. Ability atrophies through lack of exercise. - Author: Glenda Jackson
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#16. They say words are windows to the soul. To me words show what is not always said. When I write, I give a little peice of myself. - Author: Rene Campbell
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#17. A man in whom religion is an inspiration, who has surrendered his being to its power, who drinks it, breathes it, bathes in it, cannot speak otherwise than religiously. - Author: J.G. Holland
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#18. If you have felt hopeless, hold on! Wonderful changes are going to happen in your life as you begin to live it on purpose. - Author: Rick Warren
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#19. Let's give some substance to patriotism. It may take a generation. - Author: Richard Dreyfuss
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