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#1. God doesn't keep us from trouble; He keeps us through it.

Pam Hillman

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#2. There's nothing that you can say in the paper that should affect you.

Scott Brooks

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#3. Avoid making yourself the subject of conversation.

Jean De La Bruyere

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#4. I need you more and more, and the great world grows wider, and dear ones fewer and fewer, every day that you stay away

Emily Dickinson

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#5. I will wait for God's promises to be fulfilled in my life.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#6. When you don't talk down to your audience, then they can grow with you.


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#7. Violet!' Lincoln said, then sighed. 'You don't love him. This isn't real. You know what's real and it's hard and it hurts and we can't ... Damn it, Vi
we're real!

Jessica Shirvington

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#8. Every family should have at least three children. Then if one is a genius the other two can support him.

George Gibson Coote

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#9. Don't assume I have everything figured out ... I get as confused about life as everybody, and sometimes I think I'm just hurtling through the world without a plan at all.

Leslie Mann

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#10. For me, there's nothing better than curling up in my favorite blanket on a cloudy or rainy day and just knit. Especially in front of the fireplace.

Magdalena Neuner

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#11. Fame, girls, fast cars, penthouses and what not; the whole problem is because everyone wants the same things from life.

Daya Kudari

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