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#1. I do my best to stay away from dairy, especially ice cream. I've become a cookie monster whenever I want to mess around and eat something cheap. - Author: Randy Couture
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#2. But there are rock and roll fans all over this continent and all over the globe, really, and we're just set at marking the planet with Styx music until the day we die. - Author: James Young
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#3. She had large, wide-set green eyes, and long brown hair that curled slightly and turned to gold at the tips. She wore a long, straight blue dress that accentuated the slimness of her frame. She was perhaps an inch taller than Peter, and by the look of her she took baths. - Author: Dave Barry
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#4. First of all, he was not my type. He was nice, considerate, unselfish and grounded; qualities I'd never experienced in a man. Usually, I went for the self centered, screwed up, "I'm lost, will you be my mother" type. - Author: Brenda Perlin
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#5. 'Mad About You' fit my sensibility the most of any show that I worked on, and as a result, it was really fun. It felt like a very natural fit. - Author: Maria Semple
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#6. Paul McCartney has a voice that can do anything! - Author: Phil Spector
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#7. It's easy to take people you really care about for granted. Then, one day, they're out of your life. - Author: Rachel Renee Russell
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#8. Earlier in the twentieth century some critics called fascism "capitalism with the gloves off," meaning that fascism was pure capitalism without democratic rights and organizations. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#9. The best gifts are never given, but claimed. - Author: Warren Ellis
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#10. I'd known that the visit would be highly scripted and that genuine interactions with citizens wouldn't be possible, since it's illegal for them to speak with foreigners. Still, I'd thought I'd had a unique look at North Korea, only to discover I was wrong. - Author: Adam Johnson
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