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Top 18 Patriots Team Sayings

#1. At no time did I intend to, or do I believe that I did put forward false information to the American people. - Author: Condoleezza Rice
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#2. Macbeth was the first play I ever read. - Author: Alan Cumming
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#3. Patriots fan, huh? Typical. It's easy to be a fan of a consistently winning team. Try being a Cardinals fan. That takes grit, endurance, and years of disappointment. - Author: Allison Morgan
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#4. Education is, quite simply, peace-building by another name. It is the most effective form of defense spending there is. - Author: Kofi Annan
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#5. The Kobe 8 is about enhanced performance. It's the most comfortable shoe I have worn. It's simplistic but has an edge to it. - Author: Kobe Bryant
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#6. It will be well to advert to the proportion between the objects that will require a federal provision in respect to revenue; and those which will require a state provision. We shall discover that the former are altogether unlimited; and that the latter are circumscribed within very moderate bounds. - Author: Alexander Hamilton
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#7. When I say truth, I mean beauty. - Author: Stephen King
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#8. If you could cross a lion and a monkey, that's what I'd be, because monkeys are funny and lions are strong. - Author: Marlon Wayans
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#9. Here I am, back in Mecca. I am still traveling, trying to broaden my mind, for I've seen too much of the damage narrow-mindedness can make of things, and when I return home to America, I will devote what energies I have to repairing the damage. - Author: Malcolm X
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#10. I think the [New England] Patriots' season should have an asterisk next to it because everything they're accomplishing is against teams coached by people other than me. - Author: Zach Braff
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#11. We should not decide how to pray based on the experiences and feelings we want. Instead, we should do everything possible to behold our God as he is, and prayer will follow. - Author: Timothy Keller
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#12. The Seahawks have only been around since 1976, so our fan base is relatively young. You talk about the Patriots, or the Celtics or, obviously, Red Sox and Bruins. Your grandfather's father was a fan of that team. People have lived there their whole lives. - Author: Matt Hasselbeck
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#13. I enjoyed the whole process of learning and was always happy when autumn came and school or college started up again. - Author: Claire Tomalin
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#14. Me love you long time - Author: Papillon Soo Soo
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#15. I'm thirty-four."
"You don't look thirty-four."
"That's because I'm not married." Mae's smile felt as if it were set in concrete. "Marriage tends to age a woman. - Author: Jennifer Crusie
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#16. The thought of flight has melted me, I am less solid than liquid, then I'm going up and going invisible like steam. - Author: Elizabeth Knox
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#17. People have managed to avert their eyes and hope for the best. - Author: David Chalmers
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#18. Spitz and Michael Wadleigh's documentary film Woodstock - Author: Andrew Gentes
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