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#1. Some relationships just end. Like a star, they burn bright and brilliant, and then nothing in particular goes wrong, they just reach their end. They burn out. - Author: Cora Carmack
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#2. I don't believe in miracles, but if the need is great, a girl might make her own miracle. - Author: Julie Berry
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#3. Where it all will end, knows God. - Author: Wolcott Gibbs
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#4. I was a victim of what most people are a victim of, which is really, really just gulping down what was being fed to me by the media. - Author: Sarah Paulson
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#5. I hope our paths will cross again." "Really? In that case, I guess I'll keep following you." She regretted the joke for half a breath before Kai laughed. A real laugh, and her chest warmed. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#6. Some of the best navigators in the world are London taxi cab drivers. They have to learn 25,000 streets and how to get from one to the other. - Author: John O'Keefe
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#7. Don't be careful. You could hurt yourself. - Author: Byron Katie
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#8. It's a dog-eat-dog world, and people like me are Purina ALPO - even easier to eat than another dog. Nom, nom. I - Author: Elle Casey
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#9. I was just shaking and then also immediately, I had to go into 'take-care-of-business-mode' which included a change to a more healthy diet. - Author: Christina Applegate
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#10. I am a very spiritual person. Maybe not traditionally religious in terms of Sunday Mass every week, that sort of thing. - Author: Sonia Sotomayor
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#11. After all, things are what they are. A message is a message, plates are plates, men are men, and life is life. - Author: Anna Karina
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#12. I always feel that there are two powers in the universe. There is good and there is evil and it depends what side you listen to and which path you decide to follow. - Author: William Tucci
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#13. If someone comes to you with an idea its like he is giving you a fragile glass made by himself. If the glass does not match your preference do not throw it away. Give him back otherwise it may hurt the person who made it. - Author: Osama Bin Noor
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#14. I think as long as the standard of quality, the story-telling, film-making, acting etc. etc. remains consistent, then you've got a good change of making a decent anthology. - Author: Neil Marshall
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#15. Theocracy in the West is a kingdom of God where authority vests in specially ordained priests who exercise it on behalf of God. This is not the conception of Islam. Islam has no priesthood and, therefore no special agents of God to administer the law which expresses His will. - Author: Ishtiaq Husain Qureshi
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