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Top 13 Participation Trophy Quotes

#1. Never," said my aunt, "be mean in anything; never be false; never be cruel. Avoid those three vices, Trot, and I can always be hopeful of you. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#2. I've got cheekier with age. You can get away with murder when you're 71 years old. People just think I'm a silly old fool. - Author: Bernard Manning
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#3. You don't realize what fine fighting material there is in age ... You show me any one who's lived to over seventy and you show me a fighter - some one who's got the will to live. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#4. It really is a helluva fiver-upper," Henry said, because someone had to say it. "I feel like they should possibly renovate this basement if they want to get a good sale price. Hardwood floors, update the doorknobs, maybe put the wall back. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#5. I was entirely comfortable reaching across the Senate aisle to work with Democrats. - Author: Edward Brooke
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#6. Only because of darkness are we able to clearly see the stars. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#7. It wasn't until I worked in the Perth Hospital kitchen in the 1970s that I began hearing stories about the ghosts that haunted their halls at night. - Author: Arlene Stafford-Wilson
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#8. Comics can be pernicious, fascist propaganda or anti-authoritarian. The ones that shaped me were particularly anti-authoritarian. - Author: Art Spiegelman
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#9. George Vida braced his hands on the table before taking his seat, his gaze strafing the room with the discernment of a leathery old goat sniffing for something to nibble on. - Author: Lisa Wingate
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#10. The spirit of liberalism is to create free men; it is not the regimentation of men. - Author: Herbert Hoover
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#11. I shall have my lasso, I shall lead the course;
I recognize it's time to mount a different horse. - Author: Mie Hansson
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#12. It matters how you treat all people because all people matter. - Brenda Black - - Author: Gary Chapman
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#13. It would be like those epic love affairs that exploded into existence and burned white hot for all eternity. The type of love that time and distance and death couldn't seperate - Author: Marissa Meyer
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