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#1. We can no longer ignore that voice within women that says: 'I want something more than my husband and my children and my home.' - Author: Betty Friedan
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#2. There may always be another reality to make fiction of the truth we think we've arrived at. - Author: Christopher Fry
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#3. The importance of solitude is to help you to differentiate your own thoughts from those you have studied, read, heard, or unintentionally absorbed. - Author: Tonya Sheridan
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#4. Honestly, it's like trying to discuss brain surgery with tapioca. - Author: Katie MacAlister
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#5. I've booked a few sessions to make it look like a genuine getaway but now I look at my programme, I wonder how to fit in murdering my mother-in-law." Cressida Barker-Powell (Criss Cross) - Author: Caron Allan
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#6. I'm somewhat shy about the brutal facts of being a carnivore. I don't like meat to look like animals. I prefer it in the form of sausages, hamburger and meat loaf, far removed from the living thing. - Author: John Updike
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#7. Directing Skyfall was one of the best experiences of my professional life, but I have theatre and other commitments, including productions of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and King Lear, that need my complete focus over the next year and beyond. - Author: Sam Mendes
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#8. That sounds impossible," said the hatter. "We absolutely must give it a try! - Author: Robert McKay
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#9. Seeing The English Patient is wonderfully draining, but imagine acting in it for six months. - Author: Kristin Scott Thomas
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#10. All live and die believing that they have known love, thinking it is a common thing, because they confuse it with animal satisfaction; but love is a privilege, love is a lottery of fate, like wealth, like beauty, which only a small minority enjoy ... - Author: Vicente Blasco Ibanez
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#11. Government restrictions are attractive to people who want to impose their pet notions without having to count the costs. - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#12. We live in the world when we love it. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
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#13. With the magnitude of the challenges we face right now, what we need in Washington are not more political tactics
we need more good ideas. We don't need more point-scoring
we need more problem-solving. - Author: Barack Obama
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#14. For the way loneliness is worse when you return to it after a reprieve - like the soul's version of putting on a wet bathing suit, clammy and miserable. - Author: Laini Taylor
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#15. If I'm not on a cruise, I'm either thinking about my last one or planning my next! - Author: Beth
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