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#1. Pamper the mad man. - Author: Anne Rice
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#2. I don't pamper my voice. It's part of my body. If my body is rested and healthy, my voice is rested and healthy. - Author: Neil Diamond
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#3. To want to rule the world is to want to pamper this body. When you don't prize this body, you don't want to rule the world. - Author: Lao-Tzu
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#4. I admire actors for their infinite patience. That's why they need all those trailers and all their crowd of people who pamper them. But it is a drag to get up sometimes at 4:30 in the morning and get into makeup, and wait forever until they call you onto the set. - Author: Roman Polanski
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#5. We pamper the present like a spoiled child, obeying its superficial demands but ignoring its real needs. - Author: Robert Grudin
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#6. If the professed convert distinctly and deliberately declares that he knows the Lord's will, but does not mean to attend to it, you are not to pamper his presumptions, but it is your duty to assure him that he is not saved. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#7. If one intended to pamper oneself, she had long believed, half measures weren't worth the trouble. - Author: Jeff Mariotte
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#8. While man exclaims, "See all things for my use!" "See man for mine!" replies a pamper'd goose. - Author: Alexander Pope
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#9. The truth is, we pamper little griefs into great ones, and bear great ones as well as we can. - Author: William Hazlitt
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#10. Do not pamper me, human. Elves train both their men and women to fight. I am not one of your helpless females to run away whenever there is danger. - Author: Christopher Paolini
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#11. God is more concerned about our character than our comfort. HIs goal is not to pamper us physically, but to perfect us spiritually. - Author: Paul W. Powell
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#12. We ought not to extract pernicious honey from poison blossoms of misrepresentation and mendacious half-truth, to pamper the course appetite of bigotry and self-love. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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#13. I love salon days to pamper myself, do my nails. - Author: Sania Mirza
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#14. You'll just pamper Anne's vanity, Matthew, and she's as vain as a peacock now. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#15. 'Stress' was the catch-all every pamper-pedlar I spoke to used to explain why healthy women feel the need to be regularly patted, petted and preened into a state of babyish beatification. - Author: Julie Burchill
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#16. They shall wear elegant and ornamented robes, carry a sharp sword at their girdle, pamper themselves in eating and drinking, and have a superabundance of property and wealth; - such (princes) may be called robbers and boasters. - Author: Lao-Tzu
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#17. Pamper a tomato, overfeed it, overwater it and you will get a Paris Hilton of a tomato. - Author: Nigel Slater
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#18. I love surprises - champagne and strawberries, all that pampering, romantic stuff. Guys ought to know how to pamper their women properly. - Author: Danica McKellar
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#19. Liberal of cruelty are those who pamper with promises; promisers destroy while they deceive, and the hope they raise is dearly purchased by the dependence that is sequent to disappointment. - Author: Johann Georg Ritter Von Zimmermann
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#20. Why pamper life's complexities when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat? - Author: Morrissey
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#21. Take time to empower yourself. Delegate tasks so you have time to pamper yourself and invest your energy in what you love. Be the ruler of your own life. - Author: J.J. DiGeronimo
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#22. My mother, Yolanda, was a little girl who never grew up, and sometimes we would laugh, and I would say things like, 'Okay, so now it looks like I am your mother and you are my daughter,' to which she would reply, 'Well, yes. Handle it and pamper me.' - Author: Thalia
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#23. Only real true friends will tell you when your face is dirty,
Others will either pamper, avoid or laugh at you certainly.
[227] - 4 (Thoughts) - Author: Munindra Misra
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#24. Princess," he whispered against her ear. "My beautiful, beautiful princess. I want to spoil you. Pamper you. Indulge you. - Author: Teresa Medeiros
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#25. If you let it, the Masters will play you instead of you playing it. Augusta National can pamper you right off the bottom of the leader board. Pampered before and after your round, but mentally and emotionally pulverized during them - that's the formula. - Author: Joe Inman
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#26. All I want to do now is to pamper myself and to be peppered with people who I love. - Author: Thalia
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#27. In general you must either pamper people or destroy them; harm them just a little and they'll hit back; harm them seriously and they won't be able to. So if you're going to do people harm, make sure you needn't worry about their reaction. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#28. A thought enters; we pamper it; it germinates and grows into an evil act. - Author: Billy Graham
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#29. The simplest idea of someone coming to your home to pamper you at a time when all your energy is being expended to fight a personal battle, is much more than just feeling good about how you look. Beauty Bus gives its clients renewed internal strength to keep fighting. - Author: Karen O
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#30. The rich did not care who ruled, as long as they were allowed to be rich. The poor could not afford to care and nobody asked their opinion in any case. Only the middle class mattered and any half-witted ruler knows how to pamper them. - Author: Anand Neelakantan
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