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#1. Civil government cannot let any group ride roughshod over others simply because their consciences tell them to do so. - Author: Robert H. Jackson
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#2. The wisdom of the years is confusing. Only the wisdom of eternity is edifying. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#3. Astrology furnishes a splendid proof of the contemptible subjectivity of men. It refers the course of celestial bodies to the miserable ego: it establishes a connection between the comets in heaven and squabbles and rascalities on earth. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#4. No SEAL has ever actually admitted feeling pain since the beginning of Creation. - Author: Chris Kyle
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#5. Do you know the strangest thing about being a soldier? It is that you are repeatedly ordered to commit suicide. and you obey. - Author: Louis De Bernieres
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#6. The Saudis have never shown any respect for human rights, either now or in the past. Even a petty burglar faces having one of his hands chopped off. The liberal press in America prefers to ignore all this, although they don't hesitate to blacken the reputation of Iran. - Author: Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
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#7. And that was the point of children, thought Caroline Meddey: to bind us to the earth and to the present, to distract us from death. - Author: Amanda Coplin
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#8. My desk, most loyal friend thank you. You've been with me on every road I've taken. My scar and my protection. - Author: Marina Tsvetaeva
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#9. On the law that requires women to wait twenty-four hours before they are permitted to have an abortion: I think it's a good law. The other day I wanted to go get an abortion. I really
wanted an abortion, but then I thought about it and it turned out I was just thirsty. - Author: Sarah
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#10. My power vanishes into thin air the instant that my fellow citizens, who are straight and honest, cease to believe that I represent them and fight for what is straight and honest. That is all the strength that I have. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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