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Top 19 Ozzie And Harriet Quotes

#1. I was playing in the juniors at Wimbledon I forgot to turn my mobile phone off. It was lying there in my bag and it rang in the middle of a match, and it was one of my friends from school saying, 'Murray, you're on the telly!' I learnt from that. After that I always put my phone on silent. - Author: Andy Murray
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#2. I didn't grow up in a mom-and-pop, Ozzie and Harriet type of environment, but who did. - Author: Lucinda Williams
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#3. We lived a lovely, middle-class, suburban life in Philadelphia. And I really thought that the TV programs of the '50s, like 'Father Knows Best' and 'The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet' Nelson were documentaries filmed with hidden cameras in our neighborhood. - Author: Richard Corliss
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#4. Henry was thinking of the younger Holland sister of the way she could go from being an impetuous girl to a knowing woman in a few seconds and never lose the stars in her eyes. - Author: Anna Godbersen
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#5. And here we are with our improved human world that we've spent a great deal of time and energy working on. We've improved the rivers and the lakes and the land and our society and our ways of living to the point where we now wonder if the human race will survive. - Author: Steve Hagen
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#6. And she went on in this vein for a minute or two; she could talk about alloys the way some girls talked about shoes. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#7. James Thurber was an inspiration because his drawings were so primitive. I am self-taught - I didn't go to art school - so I thought when I started doing them, 'If James Thurber can be a cartoonist, I can,' because his stuff is very raw. - Author: Bruce Eric Kaplan
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#8. Man, y'all make the Addams family look like Ozzie and Harriet.(Annie) - Author: Tami Hoag
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#9. We headed toward the creepy old slaughterhouse full of dangerous beings. Which ... pretty much tells you what kind of day I was having, right there. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#10. Well, when I was growing up it was Ozzie and Harriet on TV - nobody's parents were like that. - Author: Liza Minnelli
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#11. You achieve what you believe in, look for, and work for. - Author: Paul J. Meyer
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#12. The tide of visitors will float slowly about the bottom of the valley as harmless scum collecting in hotel and saloon eddies, leaving the rocks and falls eloquent as ever. - Author: John Muir
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#13. You wonder at power yoked to service. You wonder because you have come into power young and are learning that power comes through the acceptance of a bond. But if to have power is to be bound, then what is power? - Author: Max Gladstone
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#14. I think I can take responsibility for that in that I was the audience. I was the voice of sanity around whom all these crazies did their dance. And I reacted in the same way that a member of the audience would have reacted. - Author: Mary Tyler Moore
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#15. I could burn this place down
As many times as I'd like in my mind,
Without any sympathy
For the girl or her mother
Who live beneath me - Author: Matthew Little
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#16. Souls are sentience, an essence born into a new body when the old one dies. - Author: Jodi Meadows
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#17. Love yourself,.,.,.,for the sake of
your better future - Author: John Grisham
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#18. I really wasn't too interested in writing "Father Knows Best" and "Ozzie And Harriet." I thought they were pleasant enough, but it wasn't really what I wanted to do. - Author: Garry Marshall
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#19. Dripping rain like golden honey-
And the sweet earth flying from the thunder - Author: Jean Toomer
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