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#1. Knowledge for the sake of understanding, not merely to prevail, that isthe essence of ourbeing.None candefine its limits, or set its ultimate boundaries.

Vannevar Bush

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#2. Obviously I'm a feminist. It's ridiculous that anyone would think other of me.

Kirsten Dunst

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#3. Everything passes, nothing remains. Understand this, loosen your grip and fine serenity ...

Lama Surya Das

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#4. Vann also came to realize something else. As offensive as the lack of cultural awareness in the office was, part of that deficit was his own. They didn't understand him, but he didn't understand them, either. (197)

Tanner Colby

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#5. People who don't see their own nature and imagine they can practice thoughtlessness all the time are liars and fools.


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#6. Teenagers think they are invincible

John Green

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#7. If you would try out a preacher, send him to preach to farmers: if he cannot make the grade there, let him reconsider his call - or maybe he needs to be converted.

Vance Havner

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#8. inside us, a flower taken whole,

a field built inside.

Nick Flynn

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#9. A poem begins as I look into your eyes, as I kiss your lips, as I grasp your hair, a sense of happiness, a breathless suspire , the lovesickness of my restless heart ...

Alejandro Perez

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#10. Consumer banking - selling debt to middle class families - has been a gold mine.

Elizabeth Warren

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#11. His kiss was light but lingering, like smoke from shivering lips on a freezing winter morning.

Rebecca Berto

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#12. The sexual wishes in regard to the mother become more intense and the father is perceived as an obstacle to the; this gives rise to the Oedipus complex.

Sigmund Freud

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#13. I will always love red lips.

Rita Ora

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