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Top 10 Otis Mayberry Quotes

#1. Oh my God. I'm not Keith Richards. I'm Otis from Mayberry! A fucking drunk! - Author: Dave Mustaine
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#2. A true master is an eternal student - Author: Yi
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#3. She will not be simple and sweet.
She will not be what people tell her she should be. - Author: E. Lockhart
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#4. Don't you want to be anything. An architect or a gardener, or perhaps a painter?'
'No, I don't ... I'd like to do entirely different things. I'd like to understand what robins say to each other. ... I'd like to see how trees manage to drink water with their roots and get to be so big. - Author: Hermann Hesse
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#5. If you live in such a manner as to stand the test of the last judgment, you can depend upon it that the world will not speak well of you. - Author: Alistair Begg
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#6. He might mention something about a seed growing into a tree or the sun rising after it sets, but in just the sort of way that made you stop and say, "Heavy duty. - Author: J. Mulrooney
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#7. If you understand football you make substitutions during the game, if you don't you make comments after it. - Author: Hristo Stoichkov
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#8. the Pacific Northwest has a climate and a geography that makes human beings feel very welcome on the planet. - Author: Lorene Edwards Forkner
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#9. It's OK to have beliefs, just don't believe in them. - Author: Guy Ritchie
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#10. The flash of rain, the shining rainbow riding completely around the plane, the lift over mountain ridges, the steady, pure air at dawn take-offs ... It was so alive and rich a life that any other conceivable choice seemed dull, prosaic, and humdrum. - Author: Dean Smith
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