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Top 9 Orsino And Cesario Quotes

#1. I won't always say the right thing, I won't always make you smile, I won't always make you happy ... but I will always try, and i will always be here for you ... waiting for you to open your eyes and realize how much I love you. - Author: Zane
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#2. I'll take the contract. He can have the team. - Author: Herbert Kohl
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#3. This morning my dad called me up and said, 'So, tonight's your last show, huh.' And I said, 'No, Dad, that's someone else.' - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#4. You don't begin to live, until you've lost everything ... I've lost everything three or four times. A perfect place to start. - Author: Jim Stovall
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#5. You can seduce a man without taking anything off, without even touching him. - Author: Rae Dawn Chong
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#6. Schooling perpetuates inequality by reproducing the class structure in every new generation. - Author: Simon John
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#7. Stupid rock gods! Leo yelled through the helm, thats the third time ive had to replace that mast! You think they grow on trees?
Nico frowned. Masts are from trees. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#8. You know when I decided to become professional - that means to expose yourself naked to the world with the other creative minds - I said, 'I'm going into areas I don't know. I might just fall right down to hell and kill myself. - Author: Louise Berliawsky Nevelson
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#9. The more you absorb, the more you can exude. - Author: Jessica Hagy
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