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#1. Bundesbahnangestelltenwitwe (a widow of a federal railway employee), - Author: Bill Bryson
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#2. It was special with me being from Memphis and knowing the history of the venue, knowing all of the artists who performed in the Orpheum before me. Even having the idea to approach it was ambitious on my part, but I thought they would turn me down at first. - Author: Yo Gotti
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#3. As many Giants fans know, we're one of the few teams without cheerleaders. - Author: Steve Tisch
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#4. We need three kinds of pitching: left handed, right handed, and relief. - Author: Whitey Herzog
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#5. The important thing, once you get 'em laughing, is to keep 'em laughing until you're through. With a 90-minute feature, you've got to stop the laughter and then pick it up again, which is tough. - Author: Hal Roach
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#6. I don't really know Hollywood, but living and shooting in L.A. was very motivating, inspiring. The lights, the extras, their American faces, the energy, the Orpheum Theatre. It was all very inspiring. - Author: Jean Dujardin
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#7. Seeing the road show of 'A Chorus Line' in 1977 at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Memphis was a life-changing event for me: there were gay people, on the stage, and they all lived in New York. - Author: Ira Sachs
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#8. These days, tales of what Facebook did with its users during the singularity are commonly used to scare naughty children in Wales. - Author: Cory Doctorow
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#9. Like rain drops dripping on the floor like a thousand drumists beating those drums repeatedly,
My blood runs through my veins ninety nine point nine metres per second when i think of you. - Author: Nomthandazo Tsembeni
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#10. Engineer: You can wait over there, across the street at the Orpheum.
Eli: No, I'll wait here.
Engineer: Bar is about ready to open.
Eli: I'll wait here.
Engineer: You don't trust me, do you?
Eli: Uh ... I'll wait here. - Author: Book Of Eli Movie
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#11. I would like to propose that the reason our actions have been so manifestly unsuccessful in steering the world away from its present collision course is that we have not, generally speaking, been basing them on any true understanding. - Author: Charles Eisenstein
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#12. I think the self is complicated, that at various times we are all various people, and wrestling actually does a lot with that. You have things like heel turns where a person goes from being a good guy to a bad guy. - Author: John Darnielle
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#13. Mirror sighed. I believe everyone deserves a happily ever after. But I think that happy endings don't just happen by accident- you can't wait for one. You have to make them happen. - Author: Michael Buckley
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#14. Fire only at close range, and only when your opponent is properly in your sights. - Author: Oswald Boelcke
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#15. Someday, I'd like to live a life based on doing good stuff instead of just not doing bad stuff. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#16. Except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power. - Author: Rene Descartes
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#17. We do not simply live in this universe. The universe lives within us. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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