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Top 36 Orgasmic Quotes

#1. Not only can no one predict the future, we don't understand the present - and there isn't even any certainty about the past. - Author: Harry Browne
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#2. Before you leave me again, tell me, so I can let you know if I'm ready to watch you go ... - Author: Donna M. Zadunajsky
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#3. Gloria Steinem said it best: "You can't do it all. No one can have two full-time jobs, have perfect children and cook three meals and be multi-orgasmic 'til dawn ... Superwoman is the adversary of the women's movement."5 - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
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#4. I had never considered myself to be multi-orgasmic, but Sabian either assumed I was or decided I would be. - Author: Lauren Gallagher
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#5. Kill what you can't save
what you can't eat throw out
what you can't throw out bury
What you can't bury give away
what you can't give away you must carry with you,
it is always heavier than you thought. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#6. Instead of fulfilling the promise of infinite orgasmic bliss, sex in the America of the feminine mystique is becoming a strangely joyless national compulsion, if not a contemptuous mockery. - Author: Betty Friedan
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#7. Ignorance is more than bliss, it's freaking orgasmic ecstacy! - Author: Jim Butcher
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#8. For me, romance is only 'true' when there are two sides to it. I think to have true romance you have to have the moments where you feel alone and you're crying and you feel like your heart's about to break ... as well as the moments where you're floating through this orgasmic dream state. - Author: Charli XCX
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#9. The Orgasmic Death Gimmick is rather complicated. It could be called the whole birth-death cycle of action, persuading people that birth and death are realities. - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#10. The theory of the "wisdom of crowds" says that if you aggregate many different opinions from a diverse group of people, you are much more likely to arrive at the best opinion than if you just listen to one specialist. - Author: Simon Kuper
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#11. You can master tantric yogic poly-orgasmic Wonder Sex but you're still gonna die alone. - Author: Brad Warner
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#12. If our current barbaric world spirals into greater corruption and brutality, our descendants may become so cruel and so morally perverse that they cross time to watch us suffer, bearing orgasmic witness to the bloodbaths from which their sick civilization grew. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#13. hot, dirty, and multi-orgasmic kind. "Cavolo, - Author: Avery Flynn
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#14. Long you live and high you'll fly, and smiles you'll give, tears you'll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be - Author: Pink Floyd
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#15. Where ignorance is bliss, awareness is joy, and self-awareness is orgasmic. - Author: Nityananda Das
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#16. The moment when I press the shutter is fantastic, orgasmic, so charged with the hope that this will be a great, original, interesting, and perfectly composed photo. But like any other exciting thing in life, it is usually spoiled by some ridiculous, unpredictable, and annoying detail. - Author: Jean Pigozzi
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#17. I'm so passionate about my writing, there's page-spunk pouring out of my fingertips. - Author: Hertzan Chimera
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#18. As a writer, I will tell you that darkness is so easy to make interesting. It is so easy because you're allowed to do anything you want. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#19. Stop pretending there's anything wrong with businesspeople hiring diligent laborers who will work for less. Let employers sponsor any worker and argue for why that worker should be given citizenship. Such a vetting mechanism would naturally promote the best and hardest-working. - Author: Jose Ferreira
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#20. I am the mystery of Love itself, the lust and spirit of unity aflame with the infinite passion for the Unknown. Thus are all things made one, in me, by virtue of my secret force; and in this light there is the unspeakable joy, the ineffable bliss, the orgasmic ecstasy of the ages. - Author: David Cherubim
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#21. King-sized? It would take up all my space. I need wide-open spaces.
She glanced at Kane for help, but he was rolling around on a matress and moaning in a loud, orgasmic manner. She rolled her eyes and heaved a sigh. - Author: Christine Feehan
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#22. She wanted to die of orgasmic pleasure, thinking about and realizing everything that had always been forbidden to her: she begged him to touch her, to force her, to use her in any way he wanted. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#23. They say the personal is political and it's certainly fair to say that, like her politics, Rebecca Epstein's kissing is radical, forthright and uncompromising. - Author: David Nicholls
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#24. The truth is that the world doesn't have much use or respect for "do nothing" people. Can you really blame them? - Author: Bryant McGill
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#25. What is sexual in a high heel is the arch of the foot, because it is exactly the position of a woman's foot when she orgasms ... So putting your foot in a heel, you are putting yourself in a possibly orgasmic situation. - Author: Christian Louboutin
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#26. What the hell was going on, why did I care, and why, oh why, did I not carry a pocket rocket in my purse? My girlie bits were still on fire, screaming for release after Mr. Sex God's orgasmic touch. - Author: Lisa Sanchez
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#27. Her fangs cut into her lips, and with a nearly orgasmic release, she sent out her claws. - Author: Laken Cane
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#28. Dream without fear, love without limits, and let your life sing its song. - Author: Dilip Bathija
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#29. I just wanted to watch her exist. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#30. After 10 years of eating vegetarian, I tried my boyfriend's. I was overwhelmed. It was orgasmic. - Author: Jessica Szohr
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#31. No one's ever called me anything but 'Arne.' - Author: Arne Glimcher
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#32. That's exactly what I'm telling you. And right now, I'm feeling in need of the firefighter part of him because he just freaking lit my body on fire with his damn orgasmic drumming. - Author: Erika Taylor
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#33. No photographer should be blamed when, instead of capturing reality, he tries to show things he has seen only in his imagination. Photography is the youngest art form. All attempts to enlarge its frontiers are important and should be encouraged. - Author: Philippe Halsman
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#34. The body of all true religion consists, to be sure, in obedience to the will of the Sovereign of the world, in a confidence in His declarations, and in imitation of His perfections. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#35. If ignorance is bliss, believing lies is orgasmic. - Author: Cassia Leo
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#36. Trees were not hard, irritable things, but discreetly orgasmic beings moaning at a level too deep for our brutish ears. And flowers were quick explosive orgasms, like making love in the shower. - Author: Yann Martel
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