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#1. Jezreel, God plants!

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#2. Personally I discovered that you could go through the academy as a young scholar, come out, and almost immediately have an impact on the academic environment.

Bernice Johnson Reagon

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#3. When I hear of people who weary of each other, I believe it is because they have sought virtues in themselves alone, attractions of physical beauty. Have they based their love on each other's thoughts? Who can weary of thoughts which change every day?

Anais Nin

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#4. Judges ought to be more leaned than witty, more reverent than plausible, and more advised than confident. Above all things, integrity is their portion and proper virtue.

Francis Bacon

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#5. I was a left hooker, and I loved hooking. I also really liked to jab and mix it up right away.

Gerry Cooney

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#6. Cooking involves a deadline and hungry people and ingredients that expire in a week. It's stressful. Cooking happens on the stove and on the clock. Baking happens with ingredients that last for months and come to life inside a warm oven. Baking at Zomick's Bakery is slow and leisurely.

Zomick's Bakery

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#7. The king is good to those who think him good.

Hilary Mantel

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#8. Father's snoring grows to sound increasingly like a vacuum cleaner in heat.

Margaret Halsey

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#9. When you go through a loss, a disappointment or a bad break up, don't expect to come out the same. Expect to come out better off than you were before.

Joel Osteen

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#10. Consciousness is the materia poetica that Shakespeare sculpts as Michelangelo sculpts marble. We feel the consciousness of Hamlet or Iago, and our own consciousness strangely expands.

Harold Bloom

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#11. If most people are not willing to see the difficulty, this is mainly because, consciously or unconsciously, they assume that it will be they who will settle these questions for the others, and because they are convinced of their own capacity to do this.

Friedrich August Von Hayek

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#12. How are my ribs? They're so meaningless it's hard to believe,

Harry Reid

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#13. Troy was a sweet, good man. We just were never destined to be married. We just didn't have the same values. But I'm not bitter. He taught me how to laugh.

Suzanne Pleshette

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#14. The Maker of the universe with stars a hundred thousand light-years apart was interested, furious, and very personal about it if a small boy played baseball on Sunday afternoon.

Sinclair Lewis

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