Top 37 Opposition Leader Quotes

#1. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been awarded the highest rank in the country's military. The decision was praised by everyone from Parliamentary leader Kim Jong Un to opposition leader Kim Jong Un.

Conan O'Brien

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#2. I was elected by the Democrats to be chair of the Veterans Committee, which I'm very proud of. And now am the rankings member on the Budget Committee, leader of the Democrats in opposition to the majority Republicans.

Bernie Sanders

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#3. Sometimes when you're starting out with acting, you have to take what you can get to get experience and meet people.

Emily Kinney

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#4. I was a subject of ridicule and lectures about the basics of crystallography. The leader of the opposition to my findings was the two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, the idol of the American Chemical Society and one of the most famous scientists in the world.

Dan Shechtman

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#5. First of all, I can't forget my first responsibility - which is to be the Leader of the Opposition and that's to provide an alternative government.

Stephen Harper

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#6. If I am elected leader, my shadow opposition team will actively incorporate the policy contributions of all our members by instituting policy action committees as recommend by the 2010 National Review.

Bill Shorten

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#7. There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.

John Adams

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#8. I have titles floating around in my head; I have sculptures floating around in my head. It's like a collage.

Damien Hirst

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#9. I love the idea that people are listening to "Tales" during all types of activities. Knitting in their favorite chair, rock climbing, sky diving, driving at night.

Glenn McQuaid

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#10. I'm literally open to any medium that will have me.

J.J. Abrams

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#11. The Ukrainian opposition should adopt democratic unity as its main principle, and it also must have one leader.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

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#12. The Leader of the Opposition's constitutional obligation - the obligation to Parliament - it's the reason we did the merger! - is to make sure Canadians have an alternative for government.

Stephen Harper

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#13. Great leaders inspire. They maintain a hopeful attitude, even in the face of discouraging setbacks, constant criticism and abundant opposition. People don't follow discouraged leaders. They follow those who persist with hope.

Rick Warren

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#14. I think the main thing you measure your success by is what you do in comparison to your opposition. If you're in an industry where you're the leader, then you're performing very well.

Gerry Harvey

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#15. Great leadership isn't shaped in the absence of opposition but in the presence of it. Great leaders draw us together by our universal humanity; they galvanize the wills of the willing; they draw clarity from the spigot of chaos.

Charles M. Blow

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#16. Well, when I was a little girl we had 17 cats once. They all lived outside, and they kept having more kittens. My mom made us put little ribbons around each kitten's neck, put them in a wagon, and go door-to-door around the neighborhood to try to give them away.

Cheryl Hines

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#17. Purity, they imagined, was only becoming in those on whom fortune had not smiled. It is the moon which has room or stains, not the stars.

Rabindranath Tagore

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#18. Australians can trust me to get the job done. They can have the confidence that in the heart of the circumstances I will win through in their interests no matter how relentlessly negative the leader of the opposition is.

Julia Gillard

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#19. Behind the big names of twentieth-century literature there stands a shadow cabinet of writers waiting to take over once the Wind of Change has blown. My own vote goes to Hugh Kingsmill as leader of this opposition.

Hugh Kingsmill

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#20. Just because you have opposition doesn't make you a great leader.

Marco Rubio

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#21. The uncanny is not a literary genre. But nor is it a non-literary genre. It overflows the very institution of literature. It inhabits, haunts, parasitizes the allegedly non-literary. It makes 'genre' blink.

Nicholas Royle

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#22. I'd always been quite quiet growing up, and singing was a way of having a voice.

Leona Lewis

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#23. But let's be clear. We're talking about a country where there's no opposition. As leader he can ignore Parliament and - sorry that's Tony Blair isn't it? Um, so he doesn't even have to ask the country before he goes to war - sorry that's still Tony Blair.

Rory Bremner

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#24. Lord Cranborne told the leader of the opposition to 'back me or sack me' - he succeeded in doing both.

Tony Blair

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#25. My head governs my actions, but my heart is leader of the opposition.

Shelley Michaels

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#26. All great leaders find a sense of balance through their levels of reception. For instance, those who support a leader may soften him, those who ignore him may challenge him, and those who oppose him may stroke his ego.

Criss Jami

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#27. I am my only master


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#28. My fate is to be President of the Republic - or leader of the opposition.

Georges Pompidou

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#29. When she had failed once or twice to respond to some conversational gambit or other, Bond also relapsed into silence and occupied himself with his own gloomy thoughts.

Ian Fleming

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#30. Too many athletes don't have the ability to set a goal and then carefully go towards it.

Bill Toomey

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#31. When you're so out there in the public eye, people are constantly criticizing every aspect about you.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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#32. I will go to the next election saying to Australians, vote for me, vote for the Liberal Party, and I will become your PM. So I'm offering myself as the alternative PM - that's one way people describe the Leader of the Opposition - but I'm not in politics for myself to realize a personal ambition.

Malcolm Turnbull

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#33. It is rather shocking to note that opposition leaders, who are representatives of the wananchi (citizens), are themselves rejecting the participation of the wananchi in this major public issue.


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#34. In case you are facing with opposition or detractors, don't automatically assume they are villains. As a leader, you have to know what their concerns are, why do they disagree with what you are doing and other related concerns.

Firas Samri

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#35. That is why if Lebanon concludes a peace agreement with Israel and brings that accord to the Parliament our deputies will reject it; Hezbollah refuses any conciliation with Israel in principle.

Hassan Nasrallah

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#36. When all else fails to organize the people, conditions will.

Marcus Garvey

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#37. I am convinced that there is no smarter, handier, or more adaptable body of troops in the world.

Winston Churchill

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