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#1. It's too easy, when you have unharnessed power at your fingertips to forget you're not invincible. To make rash decisions that can affect your whole future. - Author: A.G. Howard
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#2. There's two things I really like to do and that's whoop ass and look good. I'm doing one of them right now and on Saturday night, I'm doing the other. - Author: Conor McGregor
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#3. I was very fortunate, during my early years as a paleontologist, in that my field crews and I made some remarkable discoveries indicating dinosaurs to have been extremely social. - Author: Jack Horner
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#4. We are seeing reports that NATO's sending early warning radar planes and German military personnel to Turkey. That might reduce the chances of another incident like this jet shoot down. And obviously both NATO and the U.S. are pressing their ally Turkey to urgently deescalate the situation. - Author: Peter Kenyon
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#5. True love doesn't have a happy ending, it had no ending. - Author: Unknwn
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#6. But in a still life, there is no end to our looking, which has become allied with the gaze of the painter; we look in and in, to the world of things, in their ambiance of cool or warm light, in and in, as long as we can stand to look, as long as we take pleasure in looking. - Author: Mark Doty
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#7. I wondered how it could be that two people who had loved could yet have such a misconception of each other and, with a common grief, grow far apart. There must be something in the nature of love between a man and a woman that drove them to torment and suspicion. - Author: Daphne Du Maurier
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#8. The man who is seeking truth is free of all societies and cultures. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#9. A boy has never wept ... nor dashed a thousand kin - Author: Dutch Schultz
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#10. I don't think there can ever be too many messages about AIDS. If you stop the education process, then people are going to think the problem is all over and done with. They'll think that it's OK to go and have sex again. Education is essential, especially among young people. - Author: Elton John
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#11. Few things are more bitter than to feel bitter. - Author: Charles Buxton
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#12. The whites were really brutishly ignorant, blitheringly, so they killed people sometimes - just came into the African-American community and maimed people because they didn't agree with God's choice for the colors of the people's skin. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#13. If your work requires you to travel, you will understand that there's no vacation destination like home. - Author: Park Chan-wook
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#14. One of my very greatest fears as a child was being ridiculed in public. And there it was coming true. As a television presenter, I'd been respected. People come up to you in the street and shake your hand and talk to you in a respectful way. - Author: David Icke
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#15. With our lives and food chain set up to make us fat - I mean, you can't drive down any highway in America and find a grapefruit - a guy needs to be smarter and more determined to get lean. - Author: David Zinczenko
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