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#1. If you're going to have kids, there's only one way to go. They have to know they're the most important things in your life, and once you're doing that, there's no way that you could not learn from them, because they just give you stuff constantly. - Author: Danny DeVito
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#2. After all, your head only had so much room in it. No surprise if it overflowed once in a while with little bits of sparkle and electrical fizz. - Author: Jean Thompson
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#3. I think only once in your life do you find someone that you say, "Hey, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my time on this earth with." And if you miss it, or walk away from it, or even maybe, blink - it's gone. - Author: Jacqueline Woodson
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#4. Forever in your arms
Is where I want to be
Holding you close
Within the space
That once held only me ...
Forever in your warmth
The place for me and you
I feel the sun
Our life's just begun
I know you feel it too - Author: Walter Dean Myers
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#5. DURING THE FIRST PART of your life, you only become aware of happiness once you have lost it. Then an age comes, a second one, in which you already know, at the moment when you begin to experience true happiness, that you are, at the end of the day, going to lose it. - Author: Michel Houellebecq
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#6. They said it just happens once. That you only can love someone in that way once in a lifetime. That it can change your life when it ends. - Author: Yuli Pritania
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#7. All she ever said to me about him was You can only love a person that much once in your life, and I didn't know enough to agree or disagree with her. What a terrible and beautiful delusion, and how sad if it's true. - Author: Catherine Lacey
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#8. I never go to weddings. Waste of time. Person can get married a dozen times. Lots of folks do. Family like ours, know everybody in the state of Texas and around outside, why, you could spend your life going to weddings. But a funeral, that's different. You only die once. - Author: Edna Ferber
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#9. You should be thankful for the journey of life. You only make this journey once in your life time. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#10. My Dad once told me: "you will retire only in your grave!" ; I wish he is alive to ask him "when I will retire searching for my grave! - Author: Hisham Fawzi
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#11. Only Once In Your Life - Author: Bob Marley
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#12. It's not true that you fall in love only once in your life. But it is true that you only fall in love a certain way, with a certain absoluteness, once. - Author: David Gilmour
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#13. The Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I was lucky enough to go twice, but most people only get one chance. And in judo you can train your whole life and it'll come down to a split second: You can lose everything or win anything. - Author: Ronda Rousey
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#14. When somebody leaves this plane - or, if you like, goes into another room - those left behind sometimes try and stop loving - but this is a mistake, because even if you have loved only once in your life, you're ruined. - Author: Simon Van Booy
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#15. Life is not all about only sex, just try once to control this disaster, you may turn out to be a religious worshiper or prophet, but everything fails when you see naked women in your bed. - Author: Santosh Kalwar
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#16. She was the one. If I'd ever had a doubt, I didn't now. She was the one I'd be thinking about, longing for, until I took my last breath. If I lost her tomorrow, I'd pine for her like a lovesick fool. This was the kind of love that only hit you once in your life. - Author: R.K. Lilley
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#17. Journalism doesn't have to be your first love ... or your only love. You can come to it in desperation, because you can't think of anything better to do with your life, that it's this or the abyss. But once you get going ... it helps if you love it. - Author: Robert Krulwich
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#18. Destiny to some people is a preconceived notion as a design of blind faith, while in fact destiny is a constitution of endowed efforts in an attempt to steer toward a desired outcome. Create your destiny and reach for your dreams, you only live once. - Author: Husam Wafaei
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#19. Learn from your past and shut the door behind to live in present.Our past is just like a dry rose which was once a rose with all colors of life, with sweet fragrance, with soft petal, with thorns but now it is left with only thorns which could still hurt. - Author: Ideaswar
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#20. To be a Bond villain, you only get to do that once in your life. You never get to come back. - Author: Vincent Schiavelli
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#21. We only betray ourselves. No one is betrayed except by himself. One way to betray yourself is to try to be too many people at once.
"How many people should a person try to be in your opinion?"
One at the most. Most people don't even succeed in that. - Author: MacDonald Harris
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#22. He sat me down. He said he was incomplete. He thinks true love's gonna get him back on his feet. He said you only find love once in your life. So I guess when you find it you're gonna hold it right? You'll hold it right? - Author: Tegan Quin
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#23. Only it seems to me that once in your life before you die you ought to see a country where they don't talk in English and don't even want to. - Author: Thornton Wilder
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#24. Oh God, to think that you only fall in love once in your entire life is such a depressing thought. - Author: Olivia Wilde
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#25. Moments go by in your life, becoming memories, and once the people who were apart of them are gone, so is the magic of the memory. A memory once told with laughter or detail, fades into a story long forgotten, like an ancestor remembered only by name. - Author: Erin Waters
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#26. You cannot find replacements for everything. Few things happens only once in your life time. So value everything that you got. - Author: Giridhar Alwar
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#27. Not truly living in the present moment and later regretting is like closing your eyes when a peacock is dancing, only to want to see it dance once it is gone.-RVM - Author: R.v.m.
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#28. You thinkin bout the time I shot you and you rose from the dead? It only happens once in your life." He turned to Carol again and she said:
"Were you actually aiming at his hat?"
"I hit it didn't I? - Author: Elmore Leonard
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#29. We only live once. We all have an expiration date after that we will never come again. I am not saying that to make you sad. I am saying that so you can cherish each moment in your life and be grateful that you are here and you are Special - Author: Pablo
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#30. Don't try to leave insignificant things from your life,even don't think about it
only try to find great things in your life and always think about it, when you will get great things once then insignificant things will fall automatically from your life. - Author: Arya Vidhan
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#31. My captain once said that you meet people in your life who you believe will be your companions on the road, only to discover that they fall by the wayside. Others who you meet without design climb mountains with you, - Author: Sally Gardner
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#32. There's stories and then there's stories. The ones with any worth change your life forever, perhaps only in a small way, but once you've heard them, they are forever a part of you. You nurture them and pass them on, and the giving only makes you feel better. The others are just words on a page. - Author: Charles De Lint
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#33. There is nothing wrong in being selfish provided you know where your self interest are. Once you start meditating regularly you will come to a stage where you will realize that selfish action are those which brings peace and welfare to all and not only for yourself. - Author: Subodh Gupta
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#34. Can I possibly not understand myself that I'm a lost man? But
why can't I resurrect? Yes! it only takes being calculating and patient at least once in your life and
that's all! It only takes being steadfast at least once, and in an hour I can change my whole destiny! - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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