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#1. One day when I have a band I will have a band name, but since it's just me I feel it should just be my name. For me it doesn't make much sense since the music is from me and about me. I haven't ever been in a band. - Author: Sharon Van Etten
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#2. If by day art is in the service of business, the evenings are devoted to the businessman's enjoyment of it. That is asking a lot of art, but art and the businessman make it work. - Author: Karl Kraus
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#3. One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching - Author: Gerard Way
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#4. We will make converts day by day; we will grow strong by the violence and injustice of our adversaries. And, unless truth be a mockery and justice a hollow lie, we will be in the majority after a while. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#5. One day you'll make peace with your demons, and the chaos in your heart will settle flat. And maybe for the first time in your life, life will smile right back at you and welcome you home. - Author: Robert M
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#6. I like to imagine that all the choices you make during the day that you're doing a particular scene are going to feed into the creation of that scene. It's not a movie-by-movie or a part-by-part basis. It's a day-by-day thing, and sometimes an hour-by-hour thing. - Author: Thomas Jane
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#7. You own the first day of your life. You own the last. And you own everything in between. - Author: Kevin Abdulrahman
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#8. I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it's up to me. - Author: Brad Pitt
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#9. With regards to political enemies Plato had a kill-and-banish principle ... In interpreting it , modern-day Platonists are clearly disturbed by it, even as they make elaborate attempts to defend Plato. - Author: Karl Popper
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#10. In his play "Long Day's Journey into Night, " Eugene O'Neill has one of his characters utter a powerful statement toward the end of her life: "None of us can help the things life has done to us. They are done before you realize it and once they are done, they make you do other things, until at - Author: Ravi Zacharias
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#11. Finally, on the day that he was scheduled to make the big announcement, Amelio called Jobs in. He needed an answer. Steve, do you just want - Author: Walter Isaacson
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#12. Earth rejoices our words, breathing and peaceful steps. Let every breath, every word and every step make the mother earth proud of us. - Author: Amit Ray
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#13. Make each day a beautiful day of your life. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#14. I firmly believed we should not march into Baghdad ... To occupy Iraq would instantly shatter our coalition, turning the whole Arab
world against us and make a broken tyrant, into a latter-day Arab hero. - Author: George H. W. Bush
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#15. Now that your eyes are open, make the sun jealous with your burning passion to start the day. Make the sun jealous or stay in bed. - Author: Malak El Halabi
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#16. I have survived my first day of chemo and I like this feeling of survival. It's alive and it's right and it's what I will make sure I feel every day for the rest of the life I have left. I make a promise to myself: While I'm dying, I will be completely fucking alive. - Author: Glenn Rockowitz
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#17. Every day when I wake I tell myself that it will be my last. If you are not trying to hold on to time, you are not so afraid of losing it ... And then, if you make it to bedtime, you feel the joy of cheating death out of one more day. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#18. Maybe one day I will meet her in real life. Her tears were my rain, her angry was thunder and lighting. I knew when it rained. I was doing something wrong, when It thundered I knew I had to write about her to make her happy. The Diary - Author: Jeremy Limn
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#19. February is a month of months, and there is one special day: Valentine's Day on the 14th. I know it's still a ways off, but I just can't wait. Janice, if you're watching, will you make me the happiest man in the world and get out of my apartment? - Author: Ed Helms
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#20. I don't regret any past. I am not there. I am not sorry not to make pictures, because I know one day I will do it. I intend to live 150 years. - Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky
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#21. I have come to know that it [death] is an important thing to keep in mind - not to complain or to make melancholy, but simply because only with the honest knowledge that one day I will die I can ever truly begin to live. - Author: R.A. Salvatore
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#22. When kids make gross face,
parents say, "One day
your face is going to stick like that."
I'm afraid that one day
my panic's going to stick
and it's going to be my entire life,
every second,
and there will be nothing else. - Author: Samantha Schutz
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#23. The next time something happens to your car, make a note as to what you feel the broken part represents and see if you can connect it to how you are feeling at that particular moment. You may be surprised at the results. One day I will write a little book and call it Heal Your Automobile. - Author: Louise L. Hay
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#24. Get off your ass and do something. All you need is the right inspiration. Anger has fueled me my entire life. It makes me feel good and ... I'm okay with that. My fear is that my anger will one day make me so damned successful that I'll actually be happy. And then I'll just stop. - Author: Christopher Titus
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#25. Your life was bad; I see it in your eyes. When you grin, your face is empty, and I have no doubt when you smile, your eyes won't shine like they should. One day though, baby, I will make them shine. - Author: Bella Jewel
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#26. I'm just very, very slow. I would not make it as a journalist, I've got to tell you. I sweat bullets over every sentence, and sometimes, you know, a day will pass and I've written one paragraph, and I've been at the computer for four hours. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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#27. If I have one technology tip of the day, it's this: No matter how good the video on YouTube is, don't read the comments, just don't, because it will make you hate all humans. - Author: Matt Groening
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#28. I've been told by the BBC that if I make one more offensive remark, anywhere, at any time, I will be sacked. And even the angel Gabriel would struggle to survive with that hanging over his head. It's inevitable that one day, someone, somewhere will say that I've offended them, and that will be that. - Author: Jeremy Clarkson
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#29. I will not say it is not Christian to make beads of others faults, and tell them over every day; I say it is infernal. If you want to know how the Devil feels, you do know, if you are such an one. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#30. Maybe you're the one that gave me up to the Darians at Oden's Ford."
"Right," she said, staring up at the ceiling. "And then I turned around and rescued you. You know women - changeable as a day in April. Sometimes we just can't make up our minds. - Author: Cinda Williams Chima
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#31. There are some directors, lesser in confidence or skill, who make the actor feel very uncomfortable because you feel you're auditioning for them, every day, and that's a terrible feeling on the set. - Author: Ben Kingsley
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#32. He had the feeling that he must make a decision, and though he was used to making many decisions every day, this time he was beset with uncertainty; in fact he had no idea what was being asked of him - Author: Amos Oz
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#33. I must say that I do wrestle with the amount of money I make, but at the end of the day what am I gonna say? I took less money so Rupert Murdoch could have more? - Author: Tom Hanks
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#34. Sometimes, you have to make the choice to forgive 10 times a day when you have these pockets of anger come up. That's a lot of work, but to me it's worthwhile. - Author: Amanda Lindhout
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#35. You'll see, you'll come to understand. These big things, these terrible things, are not the important ones. If they were, how could one go on living? No, it is the small, little things that make up a day, that bring fullness and happiness to a life. - Author: Benedict Freedman
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#36. Keep in mind what choices you make because one day your going to have to face you loved ones and hear what they have to say. - Author: Keydia Marie
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#37. I am moved by music, and certain things just make my day. - Author: Bobby Sherman
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#38. Seize the day - be brave - be independent - be thoughtful - don't be scared to make mistakes - keep learning - all those things, all the time - Author: Gilly Macmillan
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#39. I've got the greatest job in the world. There's no other job in government where cause and effect is so tightly coupled where you can make a difference every day in so many different ways and in so many different people's lives. It's a great challenge. - Author: Michael Bloomberg
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#40. I think everyone has been annoyed at school or in their life, that's a type of bullying. So, you can take those feelings and make them bigger. But I try not to use too much from my real life, because you'll be stuck with that all day. - Author: Kodi Smit-McPhee
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#41. Dreams don't "come true". Dreams get "made true". You have the power to get up, execute and make beautiful results happen, day by valuable day. - Author: Robin Sharma
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#42. Too many people, right now are playing it small. If you want to be SUCCESSFUL, Live BIG, Think BIG, & make every day of your life COUNT! - Author: Joel Brown
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#43. Writers spend three years rearranging 26 letters of the alphabet. It's enough to make you lose your mind day by day. - Author: Richard Price
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#44. I would say I spend about an hour a day cleansing and moisturising after all of the make-up I've worn on jobs, and on weekends I tend to go bare-faced to give my skin a bit of a break. - Author: Poppy Delevingne
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#45. I could always sing, from a really young age, but my voice was really weird. I used to make my mum turn up the radio every day in our house. She was well into music so I got that from her. - Author: Ellie Goulding
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#46. Hope gives us a reason to live and to make plans for our future. But common sense gives us knowledge that God has control over our life. Life is a journey. We hope and plan our future as we travel each day. - Author: Ellen J. Barrier
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#47. I want to be with you, Demetria. Go on dates, have sex and pointless arguments, figure out why you like to eat rabbit food, be the person you call first when you've had a bad day, come over and hold your hair when you're sick. How much clearer can I make this? - Author: Genevieve Dewey
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#48. Every day is your day if you claim it. If you wait for somebody else to make it for you, you're going to be disappointed. - Author: Iyanla Vanzant
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#49. Find joy and gratitude in today,
make every day in life a holiday. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#50. People don't realize that doing a horror movie is hard work. You're out there all day screaming your lungs out, breathing in toxic make-up fumes, rolling around in the dirt, getting your eyebrows burned off - it's not like doing a sitcom. - Author: Clint Howard
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#51. Compassion is not only relevant to those who are blameless victims, but also to those whose suffering stems from failures, personal weakness, or bad decisions. You know, the kind you and I make every day. Compassion, - Author: Kristin Neff
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#52. A psychiatrist once told me early in treatment, "Stop trying to make me like you," and what a sobering and welcome smack in the face that statement was. Yet somehow, every day of my life is still a campaign for popularity, or better yet, a crowded funeral. - Author: John Waters
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#53. I hope that one day I will gain power somehow, and somehow convince myself that there is still hope and go back and fight, people who's trying to make that place worth living for both Jews and Palestinians. - Author: Sayed Kashua
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#54. Sometimes it is the only worthwhile product you can salvage from a day: what you make to eat. With writing, I find, you can have all the right ingredients, give plenty of time and care, and still get nothing. Also true of love. - Author: John Irving
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#55. Ultimately, if you want to make movies, you've got to want to make movies every day, when people are paying you to make movies and when they're not, because you're going to get a lot more no's on this business, no matter what it is, than you are going to get yeses. - Author: Morgan Spurlock
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#56. People make these comments all the time. They talk about this with their loved ones every day. People's feedings - tube feedings - are stopped across this country every day. - Author: Michael Schiavo
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#57. My best advice for
you, honey, is to stop if you possibly can! And if you just can't, then get ready to work
like hell. Hang onto your day job. And remember, you may not make a living, but you'll
make a wonderful life. - Author: Doris Betts
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#58. Beans are such a nice, neutral canvas, you can make a big, basic pot of them and then play around with them differently every day. - Author: Crescent Dragonwagon
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