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#1. We know well that mistakes are more easily detected in the works of others than in one's own. - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
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#2. Okay.. I can't decline that I loved 1 season of the series Daredevil and 2 I hate it. - Author: Deyth Banger
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#3. How goes it, Jacques?" said one of these three to Monsieur Defarge. "Is all the spilt wine swallowed?" "Every drop, Jacques, - Author: Charles Dickens
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#4. There's no one else. There never was. It's still only ever you. - Author: Lesley Jones
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#5. A world is a circumscribed portion of sky ... it is a piece cut off from the infinite. - Author: Epicurus
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#6. When I first got my record deal, I was like, 'I just want to sing,' and I never put much thought into what really goes into a record. But as I got older, I developed a passion for writing. - Author: Hilary Duff
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#7. Make food a very incidental part of your life by filling your life so full of meaningful things that you'll hardly have time to think about food. - Author: Peace Pilgrim
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#8. The combat [with ISIS] on the ground must be done by Muslim troops with our support. We must not get involved in perpetual warfare in the Middle East. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#9. Sometimes I struggle to watch stuff that I've done and sometimes I don't, and I'm sure that my judgment is based on whether I feel like I accomplished what I set out to accomplish. - Author: Gillian Anderson
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#10. The more handles one creates at the moment of learning, the more likely the information is to be assessed at a later date. The handles we can add revolve around content, timing, and environment. - Author: John Medina
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#11. Robert Pinkerton used to say that a lie was like a dead coyote. The longer you leave it, the more it smells. - Author: Anthony Horowitz
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#12. Oh, no, nope, shoot. Are we about to human mate? - Author: Jackson Lanzing
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#13. I had drunk our great cultural Kool-Aid about regret, which is that lamenting things that occurred in the past is an absolute waste of time, that we should always look forward and not backward, and that one of the noblest and best things we can do is strive to live a life free of regrets. - Author: Kathryn Schulz
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