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Top 13 Old Iowa Sayings

#1. You and I do not see things as they are. We see things as we are. - Author: Herb Cohen
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#2. I was on the beach every summer. That was the pleasant part of my childhood because we were right by the sea. We'd take a picnic, and I'd spend hours in the water until I turned blue. You couldn't get me out of there. - Author: Olga Kurylenko
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#3. Jack furiously chopped vegetables. Captain Dependable! Wait, we vetoed that one. The Divine Door Maker? Too much? Hmm ... Handsome Hero, but maybe I should move away from alliteration. Something sleek. Our Lord and Master Jack. - Author: Kiersten White
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#4. It would be amazing to tell my grandchildren, like, 'Yeah, I was paid to sharpen 1,000 pencils.' - Author: David Rees
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#5. Whatever the opposite of fine is, that's what I am. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#6. I don't go to church. Kneeling bags my nylons. - Author: Billy Wilder
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#7. I write in an old-school paneled study in the middle of a large farmhouse in rural Iowa. I have pine floors, a big cherry desk, and a small window. The room is cluttered with papers and books and gifts from friends. - Author: Dean Bakopoulos
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#8. When I'm in heavy-duty writing mode, there's something great about reading a series. Soothing, but not distracting too much. - Author: Lauren Willig
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#9. I'll tell you what makes my blood boil? ... Crematoriums. - Author: Tim Vine
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#10. A nation that spends billions to fix international problems will not have much left over for the victims of tornadoes in Oklahoma. - Author: Deacon Jones
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#11. We've been brainwashed into believing that it's a sin to discriminate. But discrimination doesn't mean racism; it means telling unlike things apart. Iowa grandpas and nine-year-old girls from Ohio are simply not looking to visit 'a painful chastisement upon the Western infidels. - Author: Bill Maher
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#12. All the historians are Harvard people. It just isn't fair. Poor old Hoover from West Branch, Iowa, had no chance with that crowd;nor did Andrew Jackson from Tennessee. Nor does Lyndon Johnson from Stonewall, Texas. It just isn't fair. - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson
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#13. And all we feared inside the night / shows true in morning's biased light. - Author: Garth Von Buchholz
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