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Top 45 Old Camera Sayings

#1. Eventually I'm going to be too old to be on camera, and I've been doing stand-up a long time. - Author: Jen Kirkman
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#2. I was very stale at Fox. Much of it was my own fault. I was lazy and didn't fight for things I wanted to do at other times. Most of my stuff consisted of setup/punchline jokes to the camera - a very old-school approach. I was part of the establishment, I guess. - Author: Frank Caliendo
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#3. I can't remember exactly how old I was when my parents gave me my first camera, but it was a Canon, and I was certainly far too young to have such a good camera. - Author: Alison Jackson
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#4. Dropbox, with its emphasis on good old-fashioned hierarchies, is superb at automatically saving one original of each photo I take, whether shot with a phone or a fancy camera. No loops, no duplicates, no confusion. - Author: Jeffrey Zeldman
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#5. Delia Smith needs to realise that when Nigella flirts with the camera she comes across as a slut. When Delia does it she comes across as an old slut. - Author: Robert Clark
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#6. You know, I'm too old to be an Eminem guy, but I love the back beat of that song. And he walks into the Fox Theatre and a black gospel choir is rising in song. And he turns to the camera and says ... - Author: David Maraniss
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#7. When in doubt, I can stare blankly. The rubber face. There's only so many ways you can stare incredulously at the camera and tilt an eyebrow, but that's your old standby: What would Buster Keaton do? - Author: Jon Stewart
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#8. I get that same queasy, nervous, thrilling feeling every time I go to work. That's never worn off since I was 12 years-old with my dad's 8-millimeter movie camera. - Author: Steven Spielberg
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#9. The dynamic range of the digital camera is pretty crappy compared to film, but now film is not great because the labs have closed. It's going to hurt a lot of the movies that we did in this gap because I think they are going to look very old very soon. - Author: Emmanuel Lubezki
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#10. I had gone to nursing school at Northampton Community College in my hometown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. And nursing didn't feel quite right, and an old boyfriend gave me a 35-millimeter camera just to play with. So, I took a darkroom class. - Author: Carol Guzy
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#11. As long as I have enough money for makeup artists, everything is okay. I feel young and very free. But one day, my face will be too old for the camera. - Author: Sandra Bullock
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#12. At almost forty years old, I assumed my career on camera was over. And I was certainly given that message by all the TV managers and news directors who passed on me when I was trying to get a job back in the business. - Author: Mika Brzezinski
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#13. You could BE somebody," he said, focusing a tight shot on her face.
"Honey," she said, mugging for the camera like an old time movie queen, "I already am somebody. - Author: Danielle Ganek
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#14. I think that I'm very old fashioned in terms of my film references and what appeals to me, in a way with camera moves and a depth of color to bring things to it. - Author: Ashley Greene
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#15. To be honest, I don't see myself acting forever. I just can't imagine myself being a 70-year-old man fighting for roles. I would love to do small parts in my friends' movies or things that I'm directing myself. I do envision myself behind the camera as I get a little bit older. - Author: Dave Franco
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#16. I have been doing this since I was nine years old. So whatever the role is, I am going to do the best I can do. The only thing I am concerned with is stepping on the stage in front of that camera and giving the best performance I know I can give, day in and day out as an actor. - Author: Darius McCrary
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#17. When I was fifteen years old, my dad won a video camera in a corporate golf tournament. I snatched it from his closet and began filming skateboard videos with my friends. - Author: Steve-O
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#18. When I was 19, I picked up an old, tiny, automatic Yashica camera and I just started shooting. We didn't have iPhones back then, we didn't even have cell phones. I loved having a camera in my hand. - Author: Drew Barrymore
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#19. In the old days, before there was such a thing as film schools, directors learned the camera by watching other directors, and learning from their own dailies, and listening to the cameraman, and seeing what would work. Some of those guys could cut their movies in their head. - Author: Don Ameche
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#20. Because I come from that old-school optics environment, I know stuff about depth of field and camera movement and things that are not necessarily a part of the curriculum for people who started on a box and have never done anything that wasn't on a box. - Author: John Dykstra
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#21. I just gravitated toward (working behind the scenes by) growing up on the different sets and watching my father and other people in their different capacities ... When I was 13 years old, I asked for a Super 8 camera. - Author: Michael Landon Jr.
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#22. But once I saw them [Jackson 5 during audition], I rushed out with my video camera to start taping them because I knew that they were something so special, mainly because of the lead singer, nine-year-old Michael Jackson. And it was just so obvious to me that he was a star. - Author: Berry Gordy
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#23. I got a Super 8 camera when I was eight years old, and I just wanted to tell stories - I love telling stories. - Author: Brett Ratner
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#24. There are so many ways to make a living that don't involve hiding in bushes opposite houses of 18-year-old girls with a camera in your hand. - Author: Jamie Dornan
Old Camera Sayings #419947
#25. It's such an awkward, strange thing that was concocted, to have auditions. Back in the old days, you'd just have a screen test, and they'd say, 'Oh, you seem natural in front of the camera,' and you'd just go do 10 pictures for Paramount or whatever. - Author: Vinessa Shaw
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#26. If I were to save one possession in a fire, it would have to be my dad's camera, an old, broken Nikon. I always keep it with me - his personal things mean a lot. - Author: Gia Coppola
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#27. Bekily, a 12-year-old ring-tailed lemur at London Zoo, grabbed his keeper's camera to take a selfie - Author: Anonymous
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#28. I grew up in the business since I was three years old so I've always kind of been in front of the camera and grew up in commercials and I knew that I wanted to do it no matter what, I just loved it. - Author: Ashley Tisdale
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#29. I have a nice car, a Mercedes. And then I have an old El Camino truck that I'm crazy about. I like to get in that truck and go up in the hills near where I live, in Vegas, and take my camera. That, to me, is Heaven, being out in nature, taking pictures of the wildlife. - Author: B.B. King
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#30. My stepfather gave me a Kodak camera when I was 17 years old. I started working at a local photo store in Le Havre, France, taking passport pictures and photographing weddings. - Author: Patrick Demarchelier
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#31. Among other things, I use a Samsung mobile phone, a very bad quality video camera, and an old Olympus with extremely bad Sigma lenses. - Author: Alison Jackson
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#32. I love it, to have the same crew. I'm not married. I don't have children. My 17-year-old dog died. I'm kind of on my own. So I really like having the same camera guy for four years. I love looking around and seeing the hair and makeup people who have been there from the beginning. - Author: Julianne Moore
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#33. I think I got an Instamatic camera when I was 8 years old, and ever since then, I've liked to record things. I don't know why. Maybe it's just to kind of try to leave some kind of record behind. - Author: Bill Paxton
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#34. Louis B. Mayer came out west with $28.00, a box camera and an old lion. He built a monument to himself
the Bank of America. - Author: Bob Hope
Old Camera Sayings #411002
#35. I don't remember the first picture I took, but I actually found a picture of myself on a trip back to my old family home in Malaysia. I'm five years old, sitting on the floor with the family camera in my hand. It was a film camera - not a DSLR - with a fixed lens and a nice manual zoom. - Author: Ren Ng
Old Camera Sayings #26149
#36. One of the things about working for an old school studio like Warner Bros. is that there is an institutional culture and institutional memory, in terms of production design, camera work, and directors who understand how to do this kind of thing. - Author: Bruno Heller
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#37. I made a mock newscast with my friend Amy. We'd set up the camera, an old VHS camcorder, and I did the sports section and interviewed my brother who pretended to be Jay Buhner ... against his will, of course. - Author: Charissa Thompson
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#38. It's been really interesting watching people's reactions to the new music, to the old music and also watching how modern young people will be standing in front of something going on like live music, and there's a camera in front of their face. - Author: Brandon Boyd
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#39. My filmmaking background has really just been making movies with my friends since I was 12 years old. That's how I feel I learned how to tell a story visually, by just going out with a video camera and making movies with my friends and family. - Author: Rian Johnson
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#40. I like to do stuff real and practical and in camera, as much as possible. I like old school filmmaking. - Author: David Ayer
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#41. The camera lens or the television camera is still just a proscenium arch. And as a great old character actor once said to me, wherever you're acting, you reach up and take hold of the proscenium arch, and you pull it down around your shoulders. - Author: Robert Preston
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#42. I always have traveled with a camera throughout my life, but I always had my old 35mm film camera. When I was training to go into space, the only equipment there was a digital camera. I went through a fast-track class on Earth. It actually was fun, though I'm basically a dinosaur with computers. - Author: Guy Laliberte
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#43. I cut a rap song once. It was a few years ago for my old show 'Buck Commander,' and it was a song called 'You're Short.' It was about my camera guy. We shot the video in Las Vegas, 'Ocean's Eleven' style! - Author: Willie Robertson
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#44. I found my father's Super8mm film camera when I was around eight years old and started shooting with it. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but that's really where my filmmaking began. - Author: Gabriel Campisi
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#45. I got a camera when I was nine years old and it wasn't until I was a model that I realized you could be a photographer for a job. - Author: Nigel Barker
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