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#1. To be successful is to be helpful, caring, and constructive, to make everything and everyone you touch a little bit better. The best thing you have to give is yourself. If - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#2. If one wanted to find a modern symbol of personal freedom, the motor car is right there near the top of the list. But a car has come to mean much more than that. It has become a powerful statement about who you are and how much you earn. - Author: Martin Jacques
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#3. I'm glad I'm successful at it, because it's allowed me to live very well financially, and give my kids a lot of things. It's enabled me to do stuff that I otherwise wouldn't be able to do. But it's not who I am. - Author: Judith Guest
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#4. Quiet people, people who aren't given to emotional outbursts, people who are economic with words - they're also fun to play, but you find yourself needing a laser precision in those roles. Otherwise you just sort of stand around, looking slightly brain-dead. You worry about being uninteresting. - Author: Damian Lewis
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#5. Commerce is a form of warfare. - Author: Lyman Abbott
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#6. The ocean," I said, "look at it out there, battering, crawling up and down. And underneath all that, the fish, the poor fish fighting each other, eating each other. We're like those fish, only we're up here. One bad move and you're finished. It's nice to be a champion. It's nice to know your moves. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#7. The band feels loose in all the right ways, and it's just so cool looking out and seeing all of these people that I haven't seen in a while. - Author: Trey Anastasio
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#8. I am not posh. I went to a comprehensive school. - Author: Jessica Raine
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#9. Rest on laurels? I wish I could do that. No, you rest when you're dead - Author: Lee Kuan Yew
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