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#1. Ofili is still a champion. It would be a huge mistake to think otherwise. - Author: Jerry Saltz
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#2. When I left the Royal College, I decided I would only make paintings that I would want to look at myself, that felt close to my life. - Author: Chris Ofili
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#3. Writing is storytelling. No matter how you slice it, you're saying, 'Once upon a time.' That's what writing is all about. - Author: Mary Higgins Clark
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#4. What would you call an insect with a lot of answers? A consult-ant! - Author: David R. Yale
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#5. Often I think changes within my work have been seen as sudden changes or sharp changes, but for me they're not that sudden. They have been there in the studio, but not so much in public. - Author: Chris Ofili
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#6. To dare is to do ... to fear is to fail. - Author: John Goddard
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#7. Sometimes, as I feel a door or an exit point in my work is closing, I'll try to create an opening so as not to stifle the creative process, which I see as a process that's never-ending. - Author: Chris Ofili
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#8. Chris Ofili's suave, stippled, visually tricked-out paintings of the nineties, with their allover fields of shimmering dots and clumps of dung, are like cave paintings of modern life. They crackle with optical cockiness, love, and massive amounts of painterly mojo. - Author: Jerry Saltz
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#9. The most important thing to me is winning tournaments. I love winning. - Author: Tiger Woods
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#10. The studio is a laboratory, not a factory. An exhibition is the result of your experiments, but the process is never-ending. So an exhibition is not a conclusion. - Author: Chris Ofili
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#11. There is no inherent mechanism in our present system which can with certainty prevent competitive sectional bargaining for wages from setting up a vicious spiral of rising prices under full employment. - Author: William Beveridge
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#12. There's a magic that comes from playing entirely to who you are. I've got my specialist subject - in the Mastermind sense - and I wouldn't change it, or who I am. - Author: Chris Ofili
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#13. In the end, it doesn't really matter what you paint. It's all just a routine to connect yourself finally with other people. - Author: Chris Ofili
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#14. I'm aware that success can overwhelm you. The perception of you can be elevated to such a status that it's not you any more. - Author: Chris Ofili
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#15. She knew he was as attracted to her as she was to him, yet he wouldn't go there. Not even once they'd stopped - Author: Kaylea Cross
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#16. I'm a healthy person. - Author: Amber Riley
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#17. That's the thing about real love. It's not perfect at all. But it forgives. - Author: Miranda Liasson
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#18. The studio is a place where I can experiment before I'm prepared for an idea to become a body of work, or a new way of working, or a way of working that can sustain me over a period of time. - Author: Chris Ofili
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#19. Working is part of life, I don't know how to distinguish between the two ... Work is an expression of life. - Author: Orson Welles
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#20. There was a point in time where the thought of people even talking about me made me anxious. Physically. - Author: Chris Ofili
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