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#1. Charm of the most insidious kind: humorous, self-deprecating, and disarmingly frank and confiding. - Author: Loretta Chase
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#2. If you imagine the difference between an abacus and the world's fastest supercomputer, you would still not have the barest inkling of how much more powerful a quantum computer could be compared with the computers we have today. - Author: Marcus Chown
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#3. I loved being in London. Always walking everywhere, always out and about and always at markets, walking around Brick Lane and Covent Garden and Soho. - Author: Alice Temperley
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#4. Love requires imagination more than experience. - Author: Simon Van Booy
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#5. You are either growing up or going down - Author: Saji Ijiyemi
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#6. He's very nice," said Mrs. Clayton, "but not quite quite, you know. Hasn't got any idea of culture." Richard found his room exceedingly comfortable, and his appreciation of Mrs. Clayton as a hostess rose still higher. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#7. A fairy tale," he says, "is a story we wish were true. - Author: Tera Lynn Childs
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#8. The capacity for loyalty is stretched too thin when it tries to attach itself to the hypothetical solidarity of the human race. - Author: Christopher Lasch
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#9. Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten - Author: Aesop
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#10. We take it for granted, the world that we love - and we're destroying it so quickly. The light of dawn on the prairie. The silvery flash of fish in a stream. The cry of a hawk over a forest. Everybody has their own idea of the beautiful, and we'll surely miss it when it's gone. - Author: Johan Rockstrom
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