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#1. I learned the mechanics of how to fly a plane, but I never lifted a plane off the ground. - Author: Adam Beach
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#2. Pull your pants up, would you?" Honor said, tugging on his low-slung shorts. "They're about to fall off."
"That's how the ladies like 'em. - Author: Robin Bielman
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#3. I didn't seem to exist, except in relation to her. I would watch her sleep across the roomfromme, one long shadow linking our beds, and I would count the ways. Poison, sprinkled on her cereal. A wicked undertow off the beach. Lightning striking. - Author: Anonymous
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#4. I would never be into splitting up. I don't think we should ever break up, I really don't. I think we should allow each person to do things individually - go off and have a baby, lie on the beach, whatever - but still remain Girls Aloud. - Author: Nadine Coyle
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#5. inclined his head and moved off slowly across the beach. Tbe captain - Author: Winston Graham
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#6. We were at a beach one summer, and I had a bathing suit on. My wife looked at me and said: 'Boy, you are skinny, aren't you?' I said: 'Honey, I'd like to remind you that it was minor defects like this that kept me from getting a better wife.' - Author: Lou Holtz
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#7. I had no idea where he went when he was not with me. Perhaps he enjoyed exploring new places as much as did any living dog, and went off to wander previously unvisited neighborhoods of Magic Beach. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#8. I did 'Echo Beach,' a surfing drama that meant I was often topless. Next came 'Demons,' and the opening sequence had me in my boxer shorts; and then there was a scene in 'Trinity' with me walking around in boxer shorts. It was only one scene in each series. - Author: Christian Cooke
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#9. The world is a grain of sand on the beach of Eternity. Eternity is a grain of sand on the beach of Infinity. The ocean of Nirvana connects both Eternity and Infinity without connecting them. Know this and you will be free. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#10. I liked beaches, swimming pools, and clinics for there they were the bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. I pitied them and myself, but this will not protect me. The word and the thought are over. - Author: Czeslaw Milosz
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#11. I knew that by this time tomorrow, I was going to be eternally grateful for falling down the stairs and knocking myself unconscious. Smartest dumbest thing I'd ever done. - Author: Erin McCarthy
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#12. It always happens around beach resorts, a certain kind of money gravitates to the scene. The gold goes to the water. People love to wear it, show it off, roll with it. For me, I just find it disgusting. - Author: Jamie Lidell
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#13. My feeling is that the beaches should belong to everybody. Nobody should be able to build anything. It causes erosion. It's a bad thing altogether. - Author: Linda Ronstadt
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#14. I want to towel off, leave my heart on this beach and
walk the sand into a lake
of stars, while never looking back. - Author: A.P. Sweet
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#15. I've no interest in going on a road trip. If I want to go on holiday, I want to sit on a beach, swim, drink cocktails and read a book. - Author: Sam Riley
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#16. One of the things I love about summer is that you can wear a bikini top and put something over it and it kind of just always looks a little beach-ready, which I think is very fun. - Author: Debby Ryan
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#17. I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, and the whole lifestyle revolves around the beach. My parents met surfing, and the beach was a major part of our daily lives. - Author: Marisa Miller
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#18. I've never taken a woman on a beach," - Rowan Whitethorn - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#19. They say the farther away you are from the beach, the louder it sounds. That way it's always with you and you can always find your way back. - Author: Kerry Kletter
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#20. I've got a sleeping bag in the car." "You're getting me to spend the night on the beach with you." "I told you. I'm very romantic." Standing, Fletch brushed the sand off his skin. "And I told you romance is dead." "That's just wishful thinking," Fletch said. "I'll get the sleeping bag. - Author: Anonymous
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#21. Life's a beach. Enjoy the Read. - Author: Kerry Lonsdale
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#22. They didn't know why these things were funny. Sometimes you laugh because you've got no more room for crying. Sometimes you laugh because table manners on a beach are funny. And sometimes you laugh because you're alive, when you really shouldn't be. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#23. You're injured." He flicks his chin at my bleeding leg.
"We need to get that cleaned up."
"It'll be fine," I wave it off. "My mom will descend upon me with a bottle of
peroxide the second I hit the door. - Author: M.A. George
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#24. You need to have a lot of close family around you, a lot of friends to keep you honest. Take your time, take a year and just slow everything down a little bit. Get away from the success part, stay with yourself. Go off on a beach somewhere or do something to keep yourself aligned right. - Author: George Lucas
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#25. The last thing Helen thought before she drifted off after him was that she'd slept on a beach like this before with another boy. But this time there was no Helen-shaped dent for her to fit inside. - Author: Josephine Angelini
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#26. If someone had told me, that day at the beach, that before long I'd find myself using my four teeth to scrape the bark off trees, I would have said they were psychoneurotically disturbed. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#27. Babies don't need a vacation, but I still see them at the beach ... it pisses me off! I'll go over to a little baby and say 'What are you doing here? You haven't worked a day in your life!' - Author: Steven Wright
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#28. Her brain, which had up until then still been in the shower, toweled off and joined her on the beach. It whispered a tiny thought to her and then went to dry its hair. - Author: Adrienne Kress
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#29. Of course witnessing poverty was the first to be ticked off the list. Then I had to graduate to the more obscure stuff. Being in a riot was something I pursued with a truly obsessive zeal, along with being tear-gassed and hearing gunshots fired in anger. - Author: Alex Garland
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#30. Writing the first draft is like hitting the beach on D Day. You don't stop to mourn the dead or comfort the wounded. You get off the beach because, if you don't, you'll die there. - Author: Matt Hughes
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#31. I was born in Orange, California and I grew up in Huntington Beach. I started skateboarding when I was five and continued to do so off and on over the years. - Author: Jason Lee
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#32. I had to go off the circuit twice to avoid him. I don't know what Rene Arnoux is doing in Formula One racing. He should be on the beach. - Author: Thierry Boutsen
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#33. Quite honestly, I live in California in the off season. Going off to Green Bay is just like two different walks of life - I hunt, fish, practice with firearms. Back in California, it's spend time at the beach, go to the movies. - Author: Clay Matthews III
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#34. She hated the beach, resented the places where she had played planet to Dick's sun. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#35. So who has more at stake? A young man trying to get laid with the least amount of white water before he ships off to his next assignment and has nothing but a memory of a nice month on the beach, or a family that desperately needs and wants old heartaches to disappear? - Author: Roxanne St. Claire
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#36. So if you're drowning, keep your life jacket on and fight. But once you're able to swim, don't convince yourself you forgot how to. Take your life jacket off, front-crawl your way to the shore, walk off that beach, and set your GPS to the top of a hill, because you WILL conquer the climb. - Author: Lilly Singh
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#37. Lex surfed wicked, like the devil. He wasn't afraid of anything, seemed like. He grinned at West as the waves came up toward them like towers of green glass, an emerald city. We're off to see the wizard, he shouted. He whooped. His body crouched ready to fly. He shone against the sun. - Author: Francesca Lia Block
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#38. The impulse pumping through my body was to take ahold of her again and ease her head onto my chest. Well no, my actual impulse was to tear off her purple bra with my teeth and prove she was plenty Bond girl for me. But I sensed that might be a slight overkill ... - Author: Ophelia London
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#39. Most people new to a city on the ocean would probably go to the beach during the day when there are people around. I, on the other hand, decided to try a midnight swim at the somewhat gamy Santa Monica pier, by myself. That is, until a nearby guard kicked me off the beach for my own safety. - Author: Kathy Griffin
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#40. The prospect of a long day at the beach makes me panic. There is no harder work I can think of than taking myself off to somewhere pleasant, where I am forced to stay for hours and 'have fun'. - Author: Phillip Lopate
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#41. Ah, my dad's whistle. On holidays when I was a kid, we would all be off in the rock pools along the beach. When it came time to go, we'd hear the whistle and we'd all come running. Like dogs! - Author: Kate Winslet
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#42. To speak of oneself means to lay bare one's own soul, expose it like a body to the sun. To lay bare one's own soul is not at all like taking off one's brassiere on a crowded beach! - Author: Oriana Fallaci
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#43. Yes, we gave her drugs - we wanted to free her from those sinister clinics up in the hills, from those men in white coats who know best. Bibi needed to soar over our heads, dreaming her amphetamine dreams, coming off the beach in the evening and leading everyone into the cocaine night. - Author: J.G. Ballard
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#44. If I do go to the beach there have to be certain rules: it can't be a pebbly beach, there has to be some shade and there has to be a beach bar. I don't want to go off the beaten track. - Author: Jenny Eclair
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#45. I grew up in the Midwest, quite far from any ocean or any beach, a million miles. I think for kids who grew up where I did, the idea of California, surfing and beach life was so exotic and glamorous. - Author: John Malkovich
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#46. As though on a seedling whose blossoms ripen at different times, I had seen in old ladies, on that beach at Balbec, the dried-up seeds and sagging tubers that my girl-friends would become. But, now that it was time for buds to blossom, what did that matter? - Author: Marcel Proust
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#47. The hour on Sunday can be a time of wonder, a time of transformation, maybe even a time of awe. - Author: Nancy Beach
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#48. It was just crazy opportunity to see that whole world and the competitions that we had in the film, like Long Beach, it was just crazy and so much fun. I felt like I lived all those moments in the movie. - Author: John Robinson
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#49. To split the very sea into ours and theirs. Border at the Beach
And More White Sheets - Author: Eileen Granfors
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#50. I've said many times before that Pebble Beach is a wonderful thinking-man's golf course. That is why it is such a great U.S. Open venue. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#51. When everything you're about to see is too much, look up and see that the sky is clear and know that everything is going to be all right. - Author: Karen White
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#52. When Ben came back to me, he said, "Why are you laying with your face in the sand?"
I made sure all the laughter was out of me before I rolled over. "I think it helps sunburn." I said. - Author: Audrey Couloumbis
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#53. My room was in one of those turrets and at night I could hear the sea and the faint rustle of eelgrass in the soft wind. The weather was perfect that summer. No storms. Blue skies and just the right amount of wind every day. The sailors were in heaven. - Author: Katherine Hall Page
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#54. I would like to play Pebble Beach at some point. I keep waiting for them to call and ask me to that little pro-am thing, but I'm not big enough. - Author: Lewis Black
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#55. the truth was simple: here stood this door alone on an endless stretch of beach, and it was for only one of two things: opening or leaving closed. The - Author: Stephen King
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#56. I don't know how you got so lucky twice in your life, but I think love found you out on that beach. - Author: T.S. Krupa
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#57. This year's Olympics will be replacing the women's beach volleyball bikinis with uniforms that are less revealing. The stricter dress code was made to appease the conservative nation of 'Buzzkillistan.' - Author: Conan O'Brien
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#58. Along the beach I never collected shells from my father's shore. - Author: Corey Hart
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#59. Mother is the rock, I am the ocean. I have to pout and roll my eyes for hours until she finally wears down and crumbles into a thousand grains of beach sand. It takes a lot of energy. I don't think I have it in me. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
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#60. If there wasn't The Beach Boys and there wasn't music, I wouldn't even talk to them. But through the music I fell in love with my brothers. - Author: Dennis Wilson
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#61. I don't care what you write man, just make sure you make us sound sexy. Say that we looked like we'd just come from the beach and that our bodies were glistening. Say we got no hair on our chests. Anything so the girls will like us. - Author: Nathan Followill
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#62. Car-essential is a real turn-off to me, so yeah, I just want a friendly holiday resort with a villa and a pool, but which is really private, but there again, there's a supermarket and a doctor's and a beach a five-minute walk away. That's all I want, and it's quite difficult to find. - Author: Robert Webb
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#63. I'm a Kiwi. I'm from a beach suburb called Takapuna, which is on the north shore of Auckland in New Zealand. - Author: Lorde
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#64. My son walked up to Nicole on the beach and I was throwing the ball for the dogs in the ocean. I was like, 'Max, you get the dogs. I'll talk to the hot blondes.' - Author: John C. McGinley
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#65. Whitley Bay was my first experience of the seaside. I'd buy my bucket and spade, and beach ball, and all the shops were teeming with toys. I used to spend hours on the shuggy boats. - Author: Cherie Lunghi
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#66. Humans without humanity, A world of dread and fear for eternity. - Author: Mouloud Benzadi
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#67. He called the feeling between us "weird," and I had nothing to add. I kissed the backs of his legs and they sang. He reached around and pulled me down onto his back and I lay there, like on the warm sand of a beach. Just that. That is all there is. That is the whole point of everything. - Author: Miranda July
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#68. A man should never wear shorts in the city. Flip-flops and shorts in the city are never appropriate. Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach. - Author: Tom Ford
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#69. Beach. Everyone who can must work to strengthen - Author: Anthony Doerr
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#70. Even though he lived on the beach in college, he didn't have a tan. Now that's a serious player! - Author: Bill Fitch
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#71. Every thought and word that a novelist thinks or writes is part of that castle constructed from sands on the beach of Me, including the turret or rampart or moat he may have thought or written on behalf of someone or something else. - Author: Steve Erickson
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#72. I imagined your stick, washing in the waves for hundreds of years, turning to driftwood, smooth and hard like stone. I imagined a little girl finding it on a beach so many years later. Saving it on her shelf, where she put the things that made her feel like the world was magical. - Author: Ava Dellaira
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#73. Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth. - Author: Heinrich Zimmer
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#74. I had big dreams when I was a boy. And I can't say that I never saw a beach house in Malibu in those dreams. - Author: Pierce Brosnan
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#75. If you're a beach person or a golfer, Key West is not for you. Most of the sand has been imported, and the water is shallow until you've waded far out, and all the way the sea floor is covered with yucky algae and sea grass. - Author: Edmund White
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#76. When faced with structural injustice, especially in the form of oppressive military occupations, I have a tendency get a little worked up. So I was interested in learning more about the complicated conflict and decided I would lend some of my time and energy to do so. - Author: Adam Beach
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#77. On the beach, Roran stood alone, watching them go. Then he threw back his head and uttered a long, aching cry, and the night echoed with the sound of his loss. - Author: Christopher Paolini
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#78. I moved into this neighborhood, and I was walking on this beach with my kids, and we came across a sign that said, 'Water's polluted, no swimming.' And I didn't have any answers. - Author: Ted Danson
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#79. all the grains of sand make the beach - Author: Stephen Costello
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#80. It sounds ideal, a sort of beach childhood. But it wasn't really. I didn't use the beach very much at all. - Author: Miranda Richardson
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#81. I have always thought beach weddings are beautiful. A sunset ceremony with a beautiful sky, white drapes and fire lanterns. - Author: Ricky Whittle
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#82. Right now I'm living my boyhood dream, which was to play for a European club. The fact that it's a huge club like Barcelona makes it a tremendous honour. I like everything about the city: the climate, the people. It's quite similar to Brazil, which helps a lot. There's even a beach! - Author: Neymar
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#83. To me, Miami is like Hell and I'm Osiris when it comes to music - I'm underrated and I came through with this rare sound. "East" means east of Miami, which is South Beach. So I'm the "Osiris of the East", I became my own god in music, and I took over South Beach. - Author: SpaceGhostPurrp
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#84. I don't fear death so much as I fear its prologues: loneliness, decrepitude, pain, debilitation, depression, senility. After a few years of those, I imagine death presents like a holiday at the beach. - Author: Mary Roach
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#85. I'm always in Malibu, and I'm a big fan of surfing and stuff. I love the beach. Someday I will live on the beach. - Author: Riff Raff
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#86. I spent loads of time in Scotland as a kid. My dad would take us back up to Aberdeen loads, and I have very fond memories of getting chips from his favourite chippy and heading down to the beach to eat Baskin Robbins ice cream. - Author: Andrew Buchan
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#87. Surfing music is dead. It was just a summer craze for kids on the beach. I'm finished with it. - Author: Brian Wilson
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#88. The band would play on the night off for the local hotel bands and we'd back all the different acts. So I'd been advised by good friends of mine to come back to Hawaii. Oh, I loved Honolulu, playing at a place right on the beach at Waikiki! - Author: Martin Denny
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