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#1. You can be around 100 people and be completely alone. People don't realize what it's really like. - Author: Lenny Kravitz
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#2. Everything becomes symbol and irony when you've been betrayed - Author: Jay McInerney
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#3. Just 'cause you pour syrup on something doesnt make it pancakes - Author: Samuel L. Jackson
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#4. When you're performing on Broadway every night, you're so much more accessible to people in the industry. Everybody is going to know who you are. - Author: Jeremy Jordan
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#5. All passions are exaggerated, otherwise they would not be passions. - Author: Nicolas Chamfort
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#6. ze a n d st y le . A q u ic k lo o k sh o w s th a t th is fa b u lo u s g re e n su e d e $300 va lue Miu Miu b e lt is o nly $59 a nd this le a the r G uc c i to te for $199! Forg et - Author: Anonymous
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#7. We need to realize that we should be on the side of any human being who is oppressed. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
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#8. It rolls the mid-most waters of the world, the Indian Ocean and Atlantic being just its arms. - Author: Herman Melville
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#9. If you are holding hands with others, you can't hold a gun! - Author: Allan Rufus
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#10. And my dream for you ... , is that you'll catch a glimpse of what I love so much about fashion: It's boldness and creativity, the confidence that it takes to stand before a camera and let your image be captured, even though you aren't perfect, the peace to be truly okay with how others see you. - Author: Lauren Scruggs
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#11. Days begin and end in the dead of night. They are not shaped long, in the manner of things which lead to ends - arrow, road, man's life on earth. They are shaped round, in the manner of things eternal and stable - sun, world, God. - Author: Jean Giono
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#12. The long-term study of GMO foods is going on in real time and in real life. Not in a lab. - Author: Ziggy Marley
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#13. In both marriage and war you must cut up the things people say like a cake and eat only what you can stomach. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#14. Promote, then, as an object of primary importance, institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge. In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened. - Author: George Washington
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#15. I was on the high school track team, believe it or not, and played baseball, poorly but passionately. - Author: Charles Kuralt
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#16. As the Egyptians say, Ramses can hear a whisper across the Nile. - Author: Elizabeth Peters
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