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#1. When I'm invisible I don't have to feel anything. The pain and grief and fear goes away. I go numb and quiet. - Author: Cecily Anne Paterson
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#2. Oddly, the burned hand didn't seem to hurt much anymore; it was only numb. It would have been better if there had been pain. Pain was at least real. - Author: Stephen King
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#3. It's easier to run
Replacing this pain with something numb
It's so much easier to go
Than face all this pain here all alone. - Author: Linkin Park
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#4. Joy and pain, they are but two arteries of the one heart that pumps through all those who don't numb themselves to really living. - Author: Ann Voskamp
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#5. He thought perhaps it was a woman's way, to come out of such a storm of emotion and pain as if she were a ship emerging onto calm seas. She had seemed, not at peace, but emptied of sorrow. As if she had run out of that particular emotion and no other one arose to take its place. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#6. When you numb your pain you also numb your joy. - Author: Brene Brown
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#7. He felt strangely numb. As though from a great distance, he was aware that he was being beaten. The last sensations of pain left him. He no longer felt anything, though very faintly he could hear the impact of the club upon his body. But it was no longer his body, it seemed so far away. - Author: Jack London
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#8. I'm going void
which is like numb
but higher up on the pain scale - Author: Melissa Severin
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#9. I just let the pain take over, allowing it to numb the pain of being left behind. - Author: Jessica Sorensen
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#10. Elation and pain are experiences that make you realize youre alive. Thank God you feel them; otherwise youd be numb. - Author: Darren Hayes
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#11. I've never formally trained for pain management, but I have a good understanding of how to conquer it. I just analyze the pain, feel it in the moment, and then mentally become numb to it. - Author: Criss Angel
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#12. We conform to pain until we don't notice it anymore; it's what you call - numb - and it tragically blots out our pleasure too. - Author: Bryant McGill
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#13. Some scars don't hurt. Some scars are numb. Some scars rid you of the capacity to feel anything ever again. - Author: Joyce Rachelle
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#14. Now I know I'll never be numb again. A mother is condemned to feel everything forever. And I'm finally afraid, condemned to fear everything forever. But that makes sense: feel someone else's pain, feel someone else's everything.
And he's my baby, so everything's okay. - Author: Kristin Hersh
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#15. I think there are times in life when you need something to lose yourself in, something to take away the pain, take away the feeling of everything else. Something to numb it. Just for a while. - Nash - Author: M. Leighton
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#16. I've perfected the art of the fake smile. It's not so difficult when you are completely numb. - Author: Bethany Griffin
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#17. What was she hoping to gain from his death? That it would numb the pain of his betrayal, or heal her injured pride? Her red sister didn't know much about love. - Author: Cornelia Funke
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#18. Cynicism is a powerful anesthetic we use to numb ourselves to pain, but which also, by its nature, numbs us to truth and joy. - Author: Rachel Held Evans
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#19. The inartistic methods that we use to blunt anxiety and unartful expedients that we resort to in order to escape pain and numb banality reveals what we dread most, the act of suffering from a mortal loss or the debasement that we earn by wallowing in our decadent acts of escapism. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#20. The pain is such that I refuse to acknowledge it. I feel numb. I have somehow escaped from my body and am now a casual observer to this unfolding tragedy. - Author: E.L. James
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#21. That's the great paradox of living on this earth, that in the midst of great pain you can have great joy as well. If we didn't have those things we'd just be numb. - Author: Kathy Mattea
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#22. She came and took away all his miseries, his sorrows !!
Then SHe
went and left him restlessly numb. He was her
painkiller. SHe, his anesthetic. - Author: Douglas Self
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#23. What do we do after things fall apart? Do we run to the familiar once again? Do we attempt to numb the pain with distractions? What do we do after things fall apart? - Author: Benyf
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#24. There was no bang, no light at the end of a tunnel. I didn't feel pain or even numb, and Sirius was right, it was quicker and easier than falling asleep - Author: Daniel Xiao Wang
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#25. Suppressing your hurts is like not tending to a bullet wound. Eventually you will bleed out. Dont numb pain, express it. - Author: LeCrae
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#26. I contented myself with whiskey, for medicinal purposes. It helped numb my various aches and pains. Not that the alcohol actually reduced the pain, it just gave the pain a life of its own, apart from mine. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#27. Just like using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain can -- and does -- lead to addiction, using social media to fill the void of relationships, or other needs, often leads to addiction, as well. - Author: Mandy J. Hoffman
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#28. It does not hit you until later. The fact that you were essentially dead does not register until you begin to come alive. Frostbite does not hurt until it starts to thaw. First it is numb. Then a shock of pain rips through the body. And then, every winter after, it aches. - Author: Marya Hornbacher
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#29. Sometimes at night
when the moon is almost
full and my hands go
numb from writing, I cleanse
myself of her poisoned love.
I welcome the water, the
inevitability of
death and embrace
the long painful road out
of love. - Author: A.P. Sweet
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#30. The time groaned by as John made a fool of himself. Eventually, he grew numb to the death and sin around him. He even came to enjoy gallivanting cross-country like a true crusader. His name brought tears of joy or pain of anger to those he left in his wake. The result of his own unresolved pain. - Author: Solange Nicole
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#31. What we humans think we know is nothing compared to what we need to believe to numb the fear and pain. - Author: Jo Nesbo
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#32. Anti-depressants are just tools, one of many, which we use to try and ease the suffering, numb the pain and disperse the dark clouds in our mind in the hope that maybe, just maybe, a little sunlight will shine through. - Author: Samuel P Fields
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#33. Now he was going numb, and that scared him more than pain because it meant he might just...fade. Fade right into death without noticing. - Author: V.E Schwab
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#34. Hell was grey. Dim and lifeless... I felt numb and in pain at the same time and that was not supposed to happen in heaven. But you would think that with all the queers they had sent here since time began, hell would have a better decorating job. - Author: J.M. Redmann
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#35. if you are able to cry, than accept the pain that will come for your heart is not yet broken until you are completely numb - Author: Samantha Tamburello
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#36. In the dead of night I stirred. Wakefulness flowed back into me. I was a cup full of sorrow, but that sorrow was stilled, like a pain that abates as long as one does not move. - Author: Robin Hobb
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