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Top 16 Nugget Candy Sayings

#1. The people who dream are very often the people who see, and dreaming and seeing precede doing. - Author: Margaret Elizabeth Sangster
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#2. Can't command respect unless you act like you deserve it. - Author: Jenn Bennett
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#3. Writing an informative yet compact thriller is a lot like making maple sugar candy. You have to tap hundreds of trees - boil vats and vats of raw sap - evaporate the water - and keep boiling until you've distilled a tiny nugget that encapsulates the essence. - Author: Dan Brown
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#4. Focus on remedies, not faults. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#5. Push until you can push no more, and then, push some more. - Author: Kevin Abdulrahman
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#6. A poem should be wordless As the flight of birds. - Author: Archibald MacLeish
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#7. It's troubling for me as a Catholic to be at odds with the church. - Author: Andrew Cuomo
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#8. What are you doing, looking at me with one eye and chasing a fly with the other? - Author: Bobby Heenan
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#9. You're being prejudiced, McGoo. Even unnaturals want love. - Author: Kevin J. Anderson
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#10. Chilo advised, "not to speak evil of the dead." - Author: Diogenes
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#11. I got a call saying that George Lucas wanted to meet me. Of all the phone calls I've received - Oliver Stone wants to meet you; Spike Lee wants to meet you - that was the one call I never in a million years thought was going to happen. - Author: John Ridley
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#12. If you're looking for hope and change, you'll find a lot of both in the direction of Rome. It's the best kind of hope because it offers forever and the best kind of change because it happens in your own life. - Author: Mary Matalin
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#13. I believe in magical things happening and spiritual goings on. Sometimes the most mundane things can surprise you and be magical. - Author: Rae Morris
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#14. An idea without sacrifice, regardless of grand it might be, will never be anything more than an idea. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#15. I think of the future in two ways - survival plus moving forward. Under survival, I would put all the efforts to save the female half of the world from violence directed at us specifically because we are female. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#16. Joe Dugan, who was my roommate on the Yankees, was an honorary pallbearer, too. He was standing next to me as they were carrying the Babe down the steps of St. Pat's Cathedral here in New York. There must have been 5,000 people standing around on the sides of the street, and it was tremendous. - Author: Waite Hoyt
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