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#1. Reading is a pathway to the mind. The destination is the soul." Clu Gallagher - Author: Clu Gallagher
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#2. People who seem most hostile to my presence are those most fearful of my fate. And since their fear keeps them emotionally distant from me, they are the ones least likely to learn that my life isn't half so dismal as they assume. - Author: Nancy Mairs
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#3. I know supposedly God has anger, vengeance, and wrath, and if he doesn't have a sense of humor I'm in big trouble! - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
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#4. Can we live without Russian gas in Europe? The answer is no. Are there any reasons to live without it? I think - and I'm not defending the interests of Total in Russia - it is a no. - Author: Christophe De Margerie
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#5. As a former federal prosecutor, I welcome the opportunity to hold Hillary Rodham Clinton accountable for her performance and her character. - Author: Chris Christie
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#6. Being able to think and invest very long term and not worry about current earnings or Wall Street analysts can be a major competitive advantage in certain businesses. Acquire - Author: Daniel Pecaut
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#7. Fire is a speed reader, which is why the ignorant burn books: fire races through pages, takes care of all the knowledge, and never bores you with a summary. - Author: Elizabeth McCracken
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#8. When you love competition, you don't want the market to consolidate. - Author: Xavier Niel
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#9. I'm into paradoxes. I wanted to make an album about them, but the group told me I was a pretentious fart. They were right. - Author: Brian May
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#10. There has to be a level of joy of what you're doing. - Author: George R R Martin
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#11. Why did you make your people lambs, when the world is full of wolves. - Author: George R R Martin
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#12. My heart occasionally stuttered, out of sync, out of power - almost
as if it recognised death and wanted to give in. I forced it to do the bare essentials, keeping me from a grave. I was in the coffin ready to be buried, but I wasn't a corpse just yet. - Author: Pepper Winters
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#13. The difference is that they [Europeans] don't have that culture about hip-hop as a lifestyle, a way of life; for them it's more of the new trend, the new music that you have to like. - Author: K-Maro
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