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#1. There are criminals everywhere these days, you know. One might end up missing the police! Who would have thought that possible?
The Maid
The Informer by Steen Langtrup - Author: Steen Langstrup
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#2. You're very short, aren't you?" She smirked at Petunia. "And you've got a nose like a stoat," Petunia replied. "But at least I can always have my gowns altered. - Author: Jessica Day George
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#3. How simple life is. It's as simple as this: you're hungry and you eat, you're full and you shit. Between eating and shitting, that's where human life is found. - (Houseboy + Maid, in Tales from Djakarta) - Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
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#4. There are four women in every man's heart. The Maid in the Meadow, the Demon Lover, the Stouthearted Woman, the Tall and Quiet Woman. - Author: Annie Proulx
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#5. It's too late," she said, her voice trembling. "You are not the beautiful innocent vagabond walking toward me under the dogwood blossoms, with his trunks and his head full of worthless notions. And I am not the beloved, cherished ladies' maid ... - Author: Geraldine Brooks
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#6. She was no maid; if she could look on the grey wall's scenes of slaughter, why should she avert her eyes from the sight of men and women giving pleasure to one another? - Author: George R R Martin
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#7. How beautiful is youth! how bright it gleams with its illusions, aspirations, dreams! Book of Beginnings, Story without End, Each maid a heroine, and each man a friend! - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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#8. I've never asked you to give the least considerations to my feelings.
He could picture her holding the word with fingertips at arm's length, like a scullery maid disposing of a dead rat. - Author: Cecilia Grant
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#9. Of all the old maid's blessing, the greatest is carte blanche. Spinsterhood is powerful; once a woman is called "that crazy old maid" she can get away with anything. - Author: Florence King
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#10. I'm just a stalker. - Author: Usui Takumi
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#11. How, like a moth, the simple maid Still plays around the flame! - Author: John Gay
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#12. An offensive war, I believe to be wrong and would therefore have nothing to do with it, having no right to meddle with another man's property, his ox or his ass, his man servant or his maid servant or anything this is his. - Author: Daniel Morgan
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#13. Walking along the path that she chose, without being affected by others ... in this sense, white is her color ... in another sense, it also makes me want to put more colors on her - Author: Usui Takumi
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#14. There is one type of ideal woman very seldom described in poetry - the old maid, the woman whom sorrow or misfortune prevents from fulfilling her natural destiny. - Author: Lafcadio Hearn
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#15. Lady Brienne is a warrior maid," confided Septon Meribald, "hunting for the Hound." "Aye?" Narbert seemed taken aback. "To what end?" Brienne touched Oathkeeper's hilt. "His," she said. - Author: George R R Martin
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#16. Speak to me, fair maid!
Speak and do not go!
What sorrows have your eyes inlaid
With such black woe?
My dam is buried deep
Dark are my father's halls
And carrion fowl and wolves now keep
Their ruined walls
From: The Lay of Andomian and Beruldh - Author: Alison Croggon
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#17. You Englishman, who have no right in this Kingdom of France, the King of Heaven orders and commands you through me, Joan the Maid, that you quit your fortresses and return into your own country, or if not, I shall make such mayhem that the memory of it will be perpetual. - Joan of Arc - Author: Susan Banfield
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#18. Your Aunt Hermia will not thank you for attempting to poach her maid. Do not look to me for protection," he advised. "I have my hands quite full with one March lady. I could not rise to the challenge of taking on another. - Author: Deanna Raybourn
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#19. I am your wife if you will marry me.
If not, I'll die your maid. To be your fellow
You may deny me, but I'll be your servant Whether you will or no. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#21. Pick up your clothes. I am not your maid. How do I know this? A maid cannot kill you with a tube sock. I can. - Author: Rob Thurman
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#22. I am the least intimidating person. I think I would have done better in my career if I were a little more intimidating. Even the maid who comes to work for me once a week has found out that she can just trample over me ... I'm a Cancer! We are not ferocious people. - Author: Karen Black
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#23. When I opened up in "Gaslight," for instance, playing that narky maid, that all came about from my experience and my training up to that point, and so nothing was wasted. - Author: Angela Lansbury
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#24. I think my grandmother Woodrell was most responsible for my becoming a writer. She wasn't quite literate, but was very proud that she attended school as far as the third grade. She worked as a maid, housekeeper and cook. - Author: Daniel Woodrell
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#25. In my day, when you called on a girl, her mother was always hollering down to see if she was still unraped, the maid would look in, her father would shuffle his feet in another room. Today the boy calls up, says, 'Meet you at the back door of Stern's.' - Author: Frank Crowninshield
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#26. My mother was a very hard-working maid, and their stories are worth telling. - Author: Judy Reyes
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#27. We were sent to the Judengottesdienst, the children's service at the synagogue on Saturday afternoons. The maid was supposed to take us. But she was a Catholic, like most Austrians, and she feared the synagogue; and my mother - a working woman, dependent on her help - feared the maid. - Author: Edith Hahn Beer
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#28. Deuce, the maid of honor died at your wedding," Ty said.
"Well, I didn't kill her," Deuce argued. - Author: Abigail Roux
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#29. At his next visit he fancied he must have got into a narrow needlecase, full of sharp needles: "Oh," thought he, "this must be the heart of an old maid;" but such was not the fact; - Author: Hans Christian Andersen
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#30. I personally don't think a woman should ever live with a man unless they're married. I guess there are some really great guys out there who wouldn't take advantage of having a live-in cook and maid, but guess how those arrangements usually turn out? - Author: Linda Howard
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#31. There is nothing more agreeable than having a place where one can throw on the floor as many cigar butts as one pleases without the subconscious fear of a maid who is waiting like a sentinel to place an ashtray where the ashes are going to fall. - Author: Fidel Castro
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#32. Rachel crowed, jumped up, and hugged back. Now that her maid of honor was here, everything would - Author: Gay N. Lewis
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#33. Missus said I was the worst waiting maid in Charleston. She said, "You are abysmal, Hetty, abysmal." I asked Miss Sarah what abysmal means and she said, "Not quite up to standard." Uh huh. I could tell from missus' face, there's bad, there's worse, and after that comes abysmal. - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
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#34. Never is true love blind, but rather brings an added light. - Author: Phoebe Cary
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#35. The mind is your guard, the heart is your maid and the soul is your territory. Nobody else but you should have the control of these. - Author: Gloria D. Gonsalves
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#36. And yet, as Verena watched her turn back to the dusting, she had the curious sensation that positions had been reversed in the oddest fashion. The girl was the one telling her to go away, it was her house and Verena was the maid. - Author: Kate Williams
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#37. Like a fruit hidden among its leaves, which has grown and ripened unobserved by man, until it falls of its own accord, there came upon us one night the kitchen-maid's confinement. - Author: Marcel Proust
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#38. Which fairy-tale princess ever chose her maid over her prince? - Author: Kate Morton
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#39. Be good, sweet maid, and don't forget that this involves being as clever as you can. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#40. What if you never meet him?
Then I shall die an old maid, was the cheerful response. I daresay it isn't the hardest death by any means.
Oh, I suppose the dying would be easy enough, it's the living an old maid I shouldn't like, said Diana, with no intention of being humorous. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#41. Thou breeze, That mak'st an organ of the mighty sea, Obedient to thy wilful phantasies, Provoke him not to scorn; but soft and low, As pious maid awakes her aged sire, On tiptoe stealing, whisper in his ear The tidings of the young god's victory. - Author: Hartley Coleridge
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#42. Oh sure, I'm her husband. That's what the record says. I'm the three white steps and the bug green front door and the brass knocker you rap one long and two short and the maid lets you into the hundred-dollar whorehouse. - Author: Raymond Chandler
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