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#1. In the early days of the Mormon Church, stewardship toward the land was a priority. It was a matter of survival in the desert.

Terry Tempest Williams

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#2. As much as I enjoyed yoga courses, it was hard to make time for them. Generally speaking, my work arrangements were flexible, so it was mostly a psychological problem: it was hard to convince myself it was acceptable to go twist my body into knots for two hours when there was work to be done.

Josh Kaufman

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#3. I intend to lead my party, which is the only party that has a serious policy on the No. 1 priority of the people and that is the economy.

Stephen Harper

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#4. It's shortsighted not to view the education of a future generation of Americans as a priority for all Americans.

Mel Martinez

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#5. There was a time there when I thought going out was so fun. I don't know how it happens, but suddenly that's not a priority anymore.

Lisa Kudrow

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#6. My time with my family is a priority.

Nick Faldo

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#7. I lived at Star City for more than a year ahead of my trip to Mir on May 18, 1991 in Soyuz TM-12. My life at Star City was so remote that learning Russian became my greatest priority.

Helen Sharman

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#8. Being mum is a number one job. That takes priority.

Jasmine Guinness

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#9. As a physician specializing in nutrition, my priority is to the health of the public.

Michael Greger

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#10. The unification of worlds is an author's priority, as one of them surely resides forbidden to the public.

P.A. Wunderlich

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#11. Speaking for myself, my first priority is to take care of my family. That's first and foremost.

Yo Gotti

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#12. In progressive, middle-class circles these days, there's the overwhelming sense that procuring and cooking freshest, healthiest, most sustainably sourced food should be a top priority for any thinking person.

Emily Matchar

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#13. You owe it to yourself to make your creative development a top priority.

Nita Leland

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#14. She had become the demon, only too much, and too fast. I had an incredible urge to knock her on her ass, take her down a few notches. Turning her just got higher on the priority scale. That's if I didn't kill her first.

L.J. Kentowski

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#15. Khem was an ancient name for the land of Egypt; and both the words alchemy and chemistry are a perpetual reminder of the priority of Egypt's scientific knowledge.

Manly Hall

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#16. Unfortunately, many people do not consider fun an important item on their daily agenda. For me, that was always a high priority in whatever I was doing.

Chuck Yeager

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#17. Social service has always been my priority, and I want to help the poor.

Girija Vyas

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#18. Feeling at home with ourselves and being able to create a spirit of place that nourishes us physically, emotionally and spiritually is a goal worthy of our highest priority.

Alexandra Stoddard

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#19. Connecting with my daughter is the most important thing in my life - the priority. I want to be a man who shows up for her. I want to have such a big influence on her, so that she knows she can call me about anything, which she does.

Jamie Foxx

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#20. Love yourself enough to take care of your health of mind, body, and soul as a top priority, then you'lll be fit to face anything.

Jay Woodman

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#21. If the church were the goal, then sustaining that church would logically be the priority of the highest order. But if the Kingdom of God was the goal, then the Kingdom-building instrument would gladly self-sacrifice for the eternal prize.

Jeff Christopherson

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#22. To me, the team is more important than any individual member of the squad, and the players have to realise that and accept that my priority is to pick a side with the best possible chance of winning each match.

Gerard Houllier

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#23. The president's priority is to protect the safety and security of the American people. That's the physical security of the American people as well as the prosperity of the American people.

John O. Brennan

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#24. Readability of code is now my first priority. It's more important than being fast, almost as important as being correct, but I think being readable is actually the most likely way of making it correct.

Peter Seibel

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#25. We have the most flexible and adaptive economy. Making sure we sustain the ability of the American economy to perform well is really the priority of economic policy.

John W. Snow

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#26. I love having the laid-back, easy-going, family-priority nature of New Zealand, but I'm certainly enjoying the States in terms of the career opportunities and the enthusiasm I get to find work.

Rose McIver

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#27. Look for people in your life that who will help calm the storms in your soul rather than challenge it to a battle. Peace should always be your first your life.

Timothy Pina

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#28. My mission is to put France back on its feet. The priority is employment. Efforts have to be made, but those efforts must be made fairly.

Francois Hollande

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#29. The Principle of Priority states (a) you must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important, and (b) you must do what's important first.

Steven Pressfield

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#30. We have to acknowledge peace is in danger and mankind still has not realised the priority to be given to world dialogue versus armed contradiction and bloodshed.

Nursultan Nazarbayev

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#31. God's Jewish nation did not understand his divine priority for the kingdom

Sunday Adelaja

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#32. God knows what should be your priority and what should be beneficial for you

Sunday Adelaja

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#33. To see great result let your conversations reveals ultimate priority of restoring the kingdom

Sunday Adelaja

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#34. Priority is a function of context.

Stephen Covey

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#35. At DC Comics, it has been a top priority that DC forges a meaningful, forward-looking digital strategy.

Jim Lee

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#36. Most people spend most of their time on low-priority busywork because it requires no additional knowledge, skills, or imagination-or courage. In a word, it's easier.

Denis Waitley

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#37. I liked the game, I enjoyed the game, and the game fed me enough, and gave me enough rewards to reinforce that this is something that I should spend time doing, and that I could possibly make a priority in my life, versus other sports.

Julius Erving

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#38. The key to a good life is this: If you're not going to talk about something during the last hour of your life, then don't make it a top priority during your lifetime.

Richard Carlson

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#39. The Government's first priority on coming to office was to secure long-term economic stability and put an end to the damaging cycle of boom and bust.

Alan Johnson

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#40. Some parents place undue priority on temporal and material possessions. Some are far less diligent in their efforts to immerse their children in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Remember that having religious observance in the home is as important as providing food, clothing and shelter.

Quentin L. Cook

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#41. While restoring a sense of fiscal discipline to Congress is a top priority, infrastructure spending is an important and necessary task of government. Our nation's long-term debt requires us to prioritize and economize with every tax dollar.

Cynthia Lummis

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#42. Freedom is the only style. That is why I never speak about beauty or beautiful products but 'good products'. Nowadays, we have so many challenges; it is not really a priority to care for beauty. The only way for us is to focus on an ethic and ecological behaviour.

Philippe Starck

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#43. From my perspective, we as a nation need to make policy a priority and drive the politics as a result of good policy.

Tom Reed

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#44. Creating new jobs for Pennsylvanians continues to be my highest priority throughout the Commonwealth.

Ed Rendell

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#45. Veterans get priority in the training room and better parking, but there is not a whole lot of difference in terms of how they're treated in the competition for playing time. To me it doesn't matter if a guy is a 10-year veteran or a rookie. If the rookie is better, he finds his way onto the field.

Brendan Daly

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#46. His priority did not seem to be to teach them what he knew, but rather to impress upon them that nothing, not even ... knowledge, was foolproof.

J.K. Rowling

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#47. Zane winced at the thunderous voice inside his head; the weaker they were the stronger the father of his kind became. Since he did not care to find out if Blodbad's loud, incessant droning could render him both insane and deaf, Zane decided to make obtaining adequate nourishment priority number one.

Sharon Davis

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#48. God is not in a hurry to fix us. Our behavior is not his first priority. We are his first priority. Loving us, knowing us, affirming us, protecting us. That is his top goal and his main concern.

Judah Smith

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#49. A man wants a woman who will place him at the top of his priority list, not second but first. He wants to be the kingpin around which all other activities of her life revolve.

Helen Andelin

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#50. Focus on your relationship with God, make doing His wills your priority and together with Him you will be the head and not the tail

Sunday Adelaja

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#51. I would urge you to give priority to the search for God. Allow his spirit to permeate your being ... If you do not have a deep and patient faith in God, you will be powerless to face the delays, disappointments, and vicissitudes that inevitably come.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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#52. You should change your Password"
"not exactly a priority so I haven't got'round to it"
"I'll do it for you"I offered.
His arms gave me a squeeze and he grinned.
"What'll you chose?"
before I could stop my mouth from forming the words, I said "Shebitchfromhell666

Kristen Ashley

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#53. The big story of 2013, a very distressing year, is that Americans continue not to be able to find the full-time jobs they need, and that's something which the president has to recognize as the first priority of his administration.

Mitt Romney

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#54. Saving lives is not a top priority in the halls of power. Being compassionate and concerned about human life can cause a man to lose his job. It can cause a woman not to get the job to begin with.

Myriam Miedzian

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#55. Golf is not my priority. I would hope people see me as a Christian man who loved his family, who loved being in the heat of competition and sometimes succeeded at it; who understood that golf was his job and that he was very lucky to play it for a living.

Zach Johnson

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#56. When my father was assassinated, I decided that I would not compete with his memory, but the priority would be to achieve his dream.

Benigno Aquino III

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