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#1. We are always looking for a grand program of action full of great ideas, when the thing is to begin by obeying the little ideas. - Author: Paul Tournier
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#2. Sweat and blood and health and youth go into every cabbage. Did you know that, Julie? One doesn't despise them as food, knowing that. - Author: Edna Ferber
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#3. I don't have anything against my mom, but my family has no emotional connection to each other. - Author: Adam Carolla
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#4. Are you decent?" Tick-Tick called through the door.
I said what I was supposed to: "No, but I'm dressed. - Author: Emma Bull
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#5. I'm really afraid to feel happy because it never lasts - Author: Andy Warhol
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#6. In life, you either watch TV or you do TV. I told my daughters that the only way you're going to make it in this business is to get in the game. That's the biggest advice I can give them. - Author: David Hasselhoff
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#7. As soon as I finish a book, I sell the paperback rights to different publishers and that's where I recoup my money. - Author: Buchi Emecheta
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#8. There's a drive in a lost soul - in one that is searching for acceptance, companionship, belonging, whatever you want to call it. The slightest coincidence ignites a spark that one hopes will lead to something meaningful. - Author: Doug Cooper
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#9. There is always somebody that can relate to you. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#10. She sighed once, wishing she had a talent for the details of telling stories. She wasn't bad at themes, she mused, but she could never figure out how to turn a theme into an engaging tale. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#11. He who believes in nobody knows that he himself is not to be trusted. - Author: Red Auerbach
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#12. It wasn't Hell; only fools and drama queens throw that word around about a place like Gotham. It was worse, in a way, because it was manmade. There wasn't any timeless malevolence behind it all, it was just ... what human beings can descend to when they let themselves forget they can be heroes. - Author: Chris Dee
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#13. Lunch is like, my first real meal of the day. I cannot eat anything in the morning, my body ... I can only eat about two hours after I wake up. - Author: Mark Indelicato
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#14. Will you be so kind as to provide me with a few places where I might look for a murderer?"
"The mirror's a great place to start - Author: Rachel Caine
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#15. Even when I try to do good I can't ever seem to get it right, and I know I've made my share of mistakes because of that. But saving you was never one of them. I'll do it as many times as I have to. I'll save all of you. Just trust me. Please. - Author: R.R. Washburn
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