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#1. The closer you stay to emotional authenticity and people, character authenticity, the less you can go wrong. That's how I feel now, no matter what you're doing. - Author: David O. Russell
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#2. The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#3. Get a day job, make your money from that, and write to please yourself. - Author: Harlan Ellison
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#4. It is the harmony of the diverse parts, their symmetry, their happy balance; in a word it is all that introduces order, all that gives unity, that permits us to see clearly and to comprehend at once both the ensemble and the details. - Author: Henri Poincare
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#5. 'Skins' wanted to create a new thing by actually casting real teenagers. I think it was very brave of them. They also wanted to give the opportunity to people who didn't go to drama school. - Author: Kaya Scodelario
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#6. I grew up in a working-class family, so I guess you could say I write from what I know. - Author: Andrea Arnold
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#7. But Noodynaady's actual ingrate tootle is of come into the garner mauve and thy nice are stores of morning and buy me a bunch of iodines. - Author: James Joyce
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#8. She was a fool and he knew it and because he loved her it had made no difference. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#9. She likes a rigged game. - Author: Ken Kesey
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#10. It's the degree of success and the length of time that is amazing. - Author: Ruth Handler
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#11. You're so fucking inappropriate. Even with technology. - Author: Santino Hassell
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#12. I try to be open with everybody, try to make everybody feel welcome and make them feel like, hey, I'm an easy person to talk to, get along with. - Author: Adrian Peterson
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#13. To me, a film is like a piece of architecture. There are so many details that all, in the end, end up being one thing. - Author: Andre Ovredal
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#14. I began to wonder if what we were doing it evangelical circles had more to do with redeeming ourselves to culture than it did with showing Jesus to a hurting world, a world literally filled with outcasts. - Author: Donald Miller
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#15. In the 27 years I've been doing this I never thought I'd find a better wrestler than me, but I found him. Daniel Bryan. - Author: William Regal
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