Top 8 Nonplanning Quotes

#1. But it is meaningless to speak of short-range and long-range plans. There are plans that lead to action today - and they are true plans, true strategic decisions. And there are plans that talk about action tomorrow - they are dreams, if not pretexts for nonthinking, nonplanning, nondoing. The

Peter F. Drucker

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#2. Replace your CELL PHONE in your hand with a SMILE on your face ,DIFFICULT but not IMPOSSIBLE.


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#3. With the absence of pressure, it's hard to do great things.

Geno Auriemma

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#4. I'm a little fighter and I stand up for what I believe in.

Avril Lavigne

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#5. I feel much freer now that I am certain the pope is the Antichrist.

Martin Luther

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#6. The early bird gathers no moss! The rolling stone catches the worm.

Jim Carrey

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#7. I am not motivated by recognition, I just do things I like doing - racing, shagging, eating and drinking.

David Coulthard

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#8. That's why I'm really trying to produce my own stuff. This film was so good, because I produced it myself, and developed it, and made it with New Line, which is a smaller studio, so I was in control of a lot of stuff that I wasn't in control of for my other films.

Ted Demme

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