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#1. Time? Time freezes
as they gaze
into each other's eyes.
No beginning, no end,
in sight, a deep vast ocean,
a universe is reflected.
Like a key to a lock,
they are.
All the days that have been,
all the days to come;
they stand in a place
and within it all. - Author: Nancy Navene
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#2. A disunited people till the end of time, suspicious and distrustful of each other, [the Americans] will be divided and subdivided into little commonwealths ... with no center of union and no common interest. - Author: Josiah Tucker
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#3. Perhaps we are the same person. Perhaps we have no limits; perhaps we flow into each other, stream through each other, boundlessly and magnificently. You bear terrible thoughts; it is almost painful to be near you. At the same time it is enticing. Do you know why? - Author: Ingmar Bergman
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#4. She knew without a doubt what he had said was true. They were created for each other. Destined for this time of reconciliation. For Keirah, it was a moment, no, it was the moment of a lifetime, and it would forever be engraved on her heart and etched in her soul to be remembered long after forever. - Author: Madison Thorne Grey
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#5. Each organism, no matter how simple or complex, has around it a sacred bubble of space, a bit of mobile territoriality which only a few other organisms are allowed to penetrate and then only for short periods of time. - Author: Edward Hall
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#6. and tonight we held each
other, one last time,
like a dance to a
slow song
on an empty
underneath a single
disco ball
in front of
no one
at all - Author: Phil Volatile
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#7. She could do things when her body was busy that she could at no other time, things like assemble her worries into ranks, each rank commanded by a hope. - Author: John Crowley
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#8. People who love each other don't bargain. Love has no such thing as business. Love has no conditions, because love does not obey time and space. - Author: Harbhajan Singh Yogi
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#9. Our lives are stories, and the stories we have to give to each other are the most important. No one has a story too small and all are of equal stature. We each tell them in different ways, through different mediums - and if we care about each other, we'll take the time to listen. - Author: Charles De Lint
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#10. I feel like I missed my era, because I remember the time when black people uplifted each other and looked for the positives. I feel sorry for the people who live their lives in the negative default setting because they filter out what's good, and that's no way to live. - Author: Michael Jai White
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#11. The institutions are working better now, the banks are much more functional. At this time, 1997, there were no mobile phones! It's a whole different thing now with mobile phones: technology has created a form of regulation, because people can actually talk to each other a lot more. - Author: Rem Koolhaas
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#12. Most people think I'm Danny Glover's son when they meet me. So when they ask, I say 'No, I'm Crispin Glover's son.' Then we stare at each other for a long time. - Author: Donald Glover
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#13. Families need to have a time when they can cook together. They can eat at the table and you can look eye-to-eye. Phones are put away and there are no interruptions. And what you do is concentrate on each other. Listen to what they have to say, and let them listen to you. - Author: Kay Robertson
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#14. Dope don't have no sympathy, not for love or family, definitely not for fear. Put dope and the devil up against each other in the ring, and dope will win out. Every single time. - Author: Lauren Beukes
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#15. You want to marry me?" I asked. "No. I'm gonna marry you." He lifted his head from my neck. "You're movin' in this weekend. We'll get settled, get used to each other, spend some time up in the cabin, maybe go away somewhere with a beach. In a few months I'll get you a ring then we'll get married. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#16. If you want to minimize the possibility of unexpected breakthroughs, tell people they will receive no resources at all unless they spend the bulk of their time competing against each other to convince you they know in advance what they are going to discover. - Author: David Graeber
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#17. When fucked up, there's no time for blaming each other. - Author: Toba Beta
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#18. We didn't know each other well. I never had the time. Now I see that it doesn't make any difference. The ones who hurry and the ones who take their time all end up in the same place. Just don't have any regrets. No regrets. - Author: Stanislaw Lem
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#19. Yoga and Vipassana are the two most time tested ancient techniques for keeping the body, mind and spirit in harmony and in sync. There is no contradiction between yoga and vipassana. They are complementary to each other. - Author: Amit Ray
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#20. The day felt almost like any other day of the summer, like they'd rewound and summer was still ahead of them. But this time, from the start, there would be no question of whether they had each other or not.
This time, they would know. - Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
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#21. There is no doubt that two nations, the same as two men, unconnected with each other, may, by working more, and working better, prosper at the same time, without injuring each other. - Author: Frederic Bastiat
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#22. We had a rough month. If no one was around trying to kill us we might as well spend the rest of our lives driving each other insane. It would pass the time. - Author: Suenammi Richards
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#23. I'm always sad when a gig ends. No matter how long the shoot, you become a family for the period of time you are together, and then you separate and rarely see each other for a long time after. - Author: Georgina Reilly
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#24. The sons of Adam are limbs of each other, Having been created of one essence. When the calamity of time affects one limb, the other limbs cannot remain at rest. If you have no sympathy for the troubles of others, You are unworthy to be called by the name of a human. - Author: Saadi
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#25. Our most important task is to transform our consciousness so that violence is no longer an option for us in our personal lives, that understanding that a world of peace is possible only if we relate to each other as peaceful beings, one individual at a time. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#26. Bill Maher and I are on against each other, and we're friends. He can do my show any time he wants, and I've done Politically Incorrect several times. There's no reason to think competition has to be adversarial. - Author: Jay Leno
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#27. Graduates, I'm asking each of you, at some point, to act up, be misbehaved. Buck the system. Fight for what you believe in. This is the time to do it. You're the ones to do it. Your world, is like no other generation, you actually get to create the world that you can imagine. - Author: Mark Ruffalo
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#28. But next time, mind groping me a little more? No one's ever going to believe we're madly passionate about each other with your hands not even grabbing my ass. I mean, seriously. You'll have to do better. - Author: Eve Langlais
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#29. This is the worst disease. People have . . . no time for each other, no time to enjoy each other. . . . The solution is to spread love everywhere you go, first of all in your own home. Give love . . . to your wife or husband. - Mother Teresa - Author: Juana Mikels
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#30. On 'Chopped,' the time goes down a bit and there are several ingredients, usually one that makes no sense whatsoever with the rest of the ingredients. So it gets you out of your culinary comfort zone a little bit. Like we had octopus and cheese paired up with each other. - Author: Michael Symon
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#31. A wedding is a ceremony where two people promise to love each other forever, no matter what. This was something the Designer intended from the beginning of time. Marriage is a picture of his love for the people he created. - Author: Krista McGee
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#32. One bulb at a time. There was no other way to do it. No shortcuts
simply loving the slow process of planting. Loving the work as it unfolded. Loving an achievement that grew slowly and bloomed for only three weeks each year. - Author: Jaroldeen Asplund Edwards
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#33. No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth. - Author: Robert Southey
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#34. With no sense of the passing of time, they held each other and lost themselves in the opening, unmasking tenderness that always comes after a satisfactory quarrel. - Author: William Maxwell
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#35. If we sometimes lie and sometimes tell the truth, no one can be certain what they are hearing at any given time. Like yin and yang, truth and lies are inseparable, each containing a seed of the other, no words are ever entirely true or entirely untrue. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
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#36. I eventually made the reunion with my father that I'd used as a default daydream throughout my childhood, but by then, we'd both outgrown the only relationship we could have had to each other. I was over 30 by the time I met him again and no longer needed a father. - Author: Mona Simpson
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#37. A Scotch half-breed took charge of him and his mates, and in company with a dozen other dog-teams he started back over the weary trail to Dawson. It was no light running now, nor record time, but heavy toil each day, with a heavy load behind; for this was the mail train, - Author: Jack London
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#38. Because each are going to blame each other. The thing that Canberra has to really get right is the sharing of the resource. But my problem with people in the government who are there for a short time is that there's no consequences for some of these decisions they make. - Author: Rex Hunt
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#39. It was because all we wanted was each other's constant love and attention and for no one else to receive that love and attention, which is a selfish and difficult place to be in a relationship. We were emotionally retarded, and that was the best we could do at the time. - Author: Anthony Kiedis
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#40. We give each other a hard time, but no pranks. - Author: George Eads
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#41. The thing that I love about television there are no more than two or three people watching you at a time. If there are more than two or three people in a room they're talking to each other, they're not listening to you. - Author: Betty White
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#42. Digital is a disaster. No digital radio has the correct time and they don't even agree with each other. - Author: Tim Rice
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#43. When two hearts are meant for each other no distance is so far, no time is so long and no other love can break them apart. - Author: Yusuf Islam
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#44. No, Xander. Not this time. You don't lie to someone you're in love with. You don't keep secrets from each other. But you do. You don't trust me. You went inside my head and took something from me and you think it's okay. It's not! I'm not your human pet who you can do whatever you want with. - Author: Ashlan Thomas
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#45. Es, I spend a lot of time in Reading because we live in Oxfordshire and so we're always just in and out of each other's houses. It's very much the family that it always has been. But there's no comparison with Hollywood as such. - Author: Kate Winslet
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#46. She is the Sun and I am the northern star
Different stars made for one purpose
So much alike yet never able to be present at the same time
Missing each other... by only a days time
No I will never forget this sight. Yes her beauty will surely haunt my dreams
~ Cal - Author: A. Hart
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#47. In my perfect world order, it is cold all the time. Everyone wears sweaters and drinks coffee. People don't speak to each other; they read the newspaper. There is no loud music, and cats are in charge. - Author: Michael Showalter
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#48. Make it plain that you have no time for war, that you have more important things to do ... let the diplomats and marshals of the earth shoot each other. - Author: Wilhelm Reich
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#49. So this morning
waking early, brooding on what Liz said last night
he wonders, why should my wife worry about women who have no sons? Possibly it's something women do: spend time imagining what it's like to be each other. - Author: Hilary Mantel
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#50. She'd thought there was no greater connection than destiny decreeing them joined. But there was - the choice they'd made to love each other. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#51. No affairs for me. It is so wonderful to have a family to come home to, to sit with them, pull each other's legs ... To lose all of that for what? Who's got the time? I'm having great fun working. - Author: Boman Irani
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#52. When people who have been close don't see each other for a time, they become strangers. But when two people live together, no matter how bad things may get between them, they somehow manage to stay close. I suppose human beings are made that way. - Author: Soseki Natsume
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#53. I think in my case, I had no choice but to have a good sense of humor. I grew up with my dad, Danny Thomas, and George Burns and Bob Hope and Milton Berle and Sid Caesar and all those guys were at our house all the time and telling jokes and making each other laugh. - Author: Marlo Thomas
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#54. We fell silent. We just looked at each other, sitting cross-legged on the picnic table. As in my meditations, I had no awareness of time passing, only a sense of the air between us electrified with eyes. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#55. No matter how far away we are from each other in distance, or in time, when we look up into the clear night Sky. We will always see the same Moon. - Author: Adam Stanley
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#56. Do you ever think about how weird it is that we run into each other all the time?" he asked, eyes unreadable
"No," I admitted. "Isn't that the way the world works? In a city of millions you'll always see the same person."
"But how often is it the person you most want to see? - Author: Christina Lauren
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#57. I let him hold me. I let him shake and shudder. Time held no meaning as we existed in each other's embrace and fed each other with love and togetherness. I would hold him for the rest of my life and ensure he never felt anything but acceptance, adoration, and unconditional love. - Author: Pepper Winters
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#58. You don't wait for love to happen to you. You go out there and feel the breeze and sniff the air! The fragrance of love will come wafting towards you in no time! - Author: Avijeet Das
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#59. We walked to meet each other up at the time of our love and then we have been irresistibly drifting in different directions, and there's no altering that. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#60. The great myth of our work-intense era is 'quality time.' We believe we can make up for the loss of days or hours, especially with each other, by concentrated minutes. But ultimately there is no way to do one-minute mothering. There is no way to pay attention in a hurry. - Author: Ellen Goodman
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#61. One day all of this will be proof, proof that we were here, proof that we loved each other. It's the guarantee that no matter what happens to us in the future, this time was ours. When - Author: Jenny Han
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