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#1. Clarity equals victory. Look at successful people. Do you really think they have seven effective habits? Fuck no. Who's got time for that? They have one effective habit: DOING. When you are a 'doer' you lap the rest of the rats in the race. - Author: Shane Kuhn
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#2. Money has never been important to me. I come from garbage. I'm a sewer rat who made it here. I have no interest in money and never have. - Author: Dane DeHaan
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#3. This is inhuman!" shrieked Rat-catcher 2.
"No, it's very human," said Keith. "It's extremely human. There isn't a beast in the world that'd do it to another living thing, but your poisons do it to rats every day. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#4. I wish to have no status as a man. I am equally content to be a worm or a rat, and am only glad that I am not becuase they have such a rough time without the pleasure of painting. - Author: Stanley Spencer
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#5. There was no discussion between them; it was as if the bugs had worked out this whole scenario long ago. Temp put on a burst of speed for the end of the bridge, and Tick turned to face down the army of rats alone. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#6. I am not master of words to tell you, Jack, the value of an exceedingly remote island to a naturalist, an uninhabited fertile volcanic island covered with a luxuriant vegetation, with no vile rats, dogs, cats, goats, swine, introduced by fools to destroy an Eden, an island untouched ... - Author: Patrick O'Brian
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#7. No. You don't get to call me Izzy, you don't send me letters, you don't follow me into dark corridors and try to save me from rats."
"Trust me, we see a rat, it's every man for himself. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#8. Bathsheba! to whom none ever said scat- No worthier cat Ever sat on a mat, Or caught a rat. Requiescat! - Author: John Greenleaf Whittier
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#9. I read a book, am vortexed in with no escape; my face contorts, eyelids frost, breath comes short, body longs, heart stop-starts. Who's to say too much won't kill me? Who's to say I care? - Author: Chila Woychik
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#10. Did you bring me a rat?"
"He has no time for rats, George."
"No time for rats? That's just sad. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#11. If you feel dirty, insignificant or unloved, then rats are a good role model. They exist without permission, they have no respect for the hierarchy of society, and they have sex 50 times a day. - Author: Banksy
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#12. The anarch nurtures no expectations. He stakes on no one but himself. Basically, people remain pied pipers, whatever melodies they play to introduce themselves. And as for the rats - that is a chapter unto itself. - Author: Ernst Junger
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#13. Furthermore, unlike Man's other great good friend the horse, the cat is no sweating serf of Man. The only labor she condescends to perform is to catch mice and rats, and that's fun. - Author: Vance Packard
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#14. You dervishes are as crazy as rats in a pantry. Especially you wandering types. All day long you fast and pray and walk under the scorching sun. No wonder you start hallucinating - your brain is fried! - Author: Elif Shafak
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#15. Future For cell mates For the gutter rats For those who are looked in on from the outside, and no one else will ever understand. - Author: C.L.Stone
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#16. Rats live on no evil star - Author: Anne Sexton
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#17. I don't like rats, but there's not much else I don't like. The problem with rats is they have no fear of human beings, they're loaded with foul diseases, they would run the place given half the chance, and I've had them leap out of a lavatory while I've been sitting on it. - Author: David Attenborough
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#18. Did you know that rats can't vomit?" "Okay, enough. No more rat trivia. - Author: Richard Paul Evans
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#19. It had been so long abandoned that the rats scurrying on their errands spared me no more than occasional glances of annoyance. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
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#20. Without local newspapers there's no one to tell you when somebody's been fined for having rats in their kitchens. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#21. Everywhere in science the talk is of winners, patents, pressures, money, no money, the rat race, the lot; things that are so completely alien ... that I no longer know whether I can be classified as a modern scientist or as an example of a beast on the way to extinction. - Author: June Goodfield
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#22. Guinea pigs are practically synonymous with experiments. Lab rats have become the workhorses of modern medicine. Genetics owes a huge debt to the humble fruit fly. There's almost no branch of the life sciences, in fact, that hasn't leaned heavily on one animal or another. - Author: Sam Kean
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#23. The ancient priest who had taken Father Angel's place and whose name no one had bothered to find out awaited God's mercy stretched out casually in a hammock, tortured by arthritis and the insomnia of doubt while the lizards and rats fought over the inheritance of the nearby church. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#24. Why are scientists now using lawyers in laboratory experiments instead of rats? Three reasons: (1) lawyers are more plentiful than rats, (2) there is no danger the scientists will become attached to the lawyers, and (3) there are some things rats just won't do. - Author: Gerry Spence
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#25. We do not abandon ship. I say, as corny as it may sound, through the strength and spirit and fire and dare and gamble of a few men in a few ways we can save the carcass of humanity from drowning. No light goes out until it goes out. Let's fight as men, not rats. Period. No further addition. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#26. I die with the dying light, yet shine brighter as the darkness approaches. Soon I'll be whittled to bone and stripped clean through, nothing left but a skeleton on which to hang a hat. But have no fear, I look good in hats. - Author: Chila Woychik
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#27. Nature hav no music; nor would ther be for theeany better melody in the April woods at dawnthan what an old stone-deaf labourer, lying awakeo'night in his comfortless attic, might perchancebe aware of, when the rats run amok in his thatch? - Author: Robert Bridges
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#28. So do all animals react that way to you? I know you said rats steer clear."
"Most do. They see a human, but they smell someting else. It confuses them. Canines are the worst, though." He paused. "No, cats are the worst. I really don't like cats."
I laughed. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
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#29. If a hole in your wall is large enough for a rat to get his head in, rats will soon take over your home. If there is a hole in your heart large enough for the devil to get his head in, he'll waste no time moving in too. - Author: Nancy B. Brewer
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#30. Well, hello, Peter," said Lupin pleasantly, as though rats frequently erupted into old school friends around him. "Long time, no see. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#31. And after some talk we agreed that the wisdom of rats had been grossly overrated, being in fact no greater than that of men. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#32. I should like to sleep like a cat,
with all the fur of time,
with a tongue rough as flint,
with the dry sex of fire;
and after speaking to no one,
stretch myself over the world,
over roofs and landscapes,
with a passionate desire
to hunt the rats in my dreams. - Author: Pablo Neruda
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#33. I stared at the words and they did not swim or blur. Rats have no tears. Dry and cold was the world and beautiful the words. Words of good-bye and farewell, farewell and so long, from the little one and the Big One. I folded the passage up again and I ate it. - Author: Sam Savage
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#34. In all the heroic tales, dying soldiers saw their lives pass before their eyes. No, Martin realized. The memories were just running like rats from a sinking ship, down the ropes only to drown. He watched the backs of their heads. - Author: J.P. Moore
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