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#1. On the basis of biological, sociological, and historical knowledge, we should recognize that the individual self is subject to death or decay, but the sum total of individual achievement, for better or worse, lives on in the immortality of The Larger. - Author: Hu Shih
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#2. The farther a man knows himself to be free from perfection, the nearer he is to it. - Author: Geert Groote
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#3. One of the many possible divisions of human beings is into those who make and those who use. - Author: Nan Fairbrother
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#4. There is no author whose books I look forward to more than Vaclav Smil. - Author: Bill Gates
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#5. I've been sober for 25. And every day I am very grateful that I don't drink. - Author: Malachy McCourt
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#6. Speaking professionally, it was admirably done."
-John H. Watson-
-The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes- - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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#7. I'm interested in pitches that have compelling people and ideas at the core - and a good news peg certainly doesn't hurt. We look for stories that are solutions-oriented, but not irrationally upbeat, from writers with a strong voice. For LadyJournos, where I'm curating not editing. - Author: Ann Friedman
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#8. In sleep, fantasy takes the form of dreams. But in waking life, too, we continue to dream beneath the threshold of consciousness, especially when under the influence of repressed or other unconscious complexes. - Author: Carl Jung
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#9. I want a priest, a rabbi and a Protestant minister. I want to hedge my bets. - Author: Wilson Mizner
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#10. Aging is mostly the failure to repair. - Author: Gregory Benford
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#11. Transformed people transform cities. - Author: Bill Johnson
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#12. Michael Jordan on his worst day is ten times better than Kobe Bryant on his best day - Author: Reggie Miller
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#13. Money is not everything in Life, Love holds a major place. - Author: Barkha Chainani
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