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#1. My idea of an amusement park story is getting adventurers to go tour environmental disaster areas. After all, if the entire Great Barrier Reef gets killed, which seems like an extremely lively possibility, what are you going to do with all that rotting limestone? - Author: Bruce Sterling
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#2. She believed in second chances, sometimes more than first chances, which were wasted on youth and indiscretion. - Author: Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
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#3. Democracy, then, in the centralizing, pattern-making, absolutist shape which we have given to it is, it is clear, the time of tyranny's incubation. - Author: Bertrand De Jouvenel
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#4. Find the thing you love, and do it with all your heart, to the absolute best of your ability, no matter what people say. - Author: David Nicholls
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#5. If you're going to have a heart attack, mine was the kind to have. I'm thankful that it hasn't affected my output or my capacity to perform. And it has given me a lot to think and write about. - Author: Peter Hammill
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#6. This chapter is different from the other chapters in this book, in that not only does science not (yet) know the answer, but at present we can barely conceive of how that answer might look in terms of the known laws of physics or biology or information. - Author: Nick Lane
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#7. Nick snorted. "Fine. Whatever. We've got to find him. If for no other reason, we don't need him to do something that could out himself in public."
"Yeah," Caleb said sarcastically. "They have laws against exposing yourself in public. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#8. I'm just little me, an American who wants to see his country do better. - Author: Nas
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#9. Everything occurs for good, in everything there is good and in everything there is beauty ... - Author: Radostin Chernev
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#10. He smiled. The ability to drink and not grow drunk - an advantage of pewter that nobody had told him about. There had to be a way to use such a skill. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#11. And it is always Easter Sunday at the New York City Ballet. It is always coming back to life. Not even coming back to life - it lives in the constant present. - Author: John Guare
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#12. Going to Nashville to meet the in-laws was the first time when I'd been in America and not been seen as some sort of eccentric character with a cute accent. - Author: Nick Lowe
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#13. When she came into Venus' presence the goddess laughed aloud and asked her scornfully if she was seeking a husband since the one she had had would have nothing to do with her because he had almost died of the burning wound she had given him. - Author: Edith Hamilton
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#14. The wheel of Fortune turns one way and another, taking us to the heights or the depths. That is the great wheel on which we all turn, tied to destinies that move up or down at the whim of God above. - Author: Ned Hayes
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#15. Everything's viewed with a political lens in Washington, and that's just the nature of the beast, and it is what it is. - Author: Jeb Bush
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#16. of myself right off the bat? If that doesn't send her running back to me, I don't know what will. - Author: April Brookshire
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