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#1. In science-fiction films the monster should always be bigger than the leading lady. - Author: Roger Corman
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#2. You know, just in terms of having to have a life on the road, you know, having the celebrity aspect be a burden for my family, friends and extended family. - Author: Julius Erving
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#3. We started college having 18 years old young, naive spirit and we left as grown ups, men and women with life long friendships,life partners, it made us who we are whether we like it or not. - Author: Anonymous Young Girl
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#4. I think all of us could play the teacher because we all grew up with teachers. It's just kind of this peeking-over-the-shoulder presence that we've all grown up knowing. - Author: Ryan Eggold
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#5. Your potential, the absolute best you're capable of - that's the metric to measure yourself against. Your standards are. Winning is not enough. People can get lucky and win. People can be assholes and win. Anyone can win. But not everyone is the best possible version of themselves. - Author: Ryan Holiday
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#6. She owed him nothing - less than nothing. - Author: Brynn Kelly
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#7. It's the Josh Bennett equivalent of tattooing her name across my chest. - Author: Katja Millay
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#8. I thence invoke my thy aid to my adventurous song, That with no middle flight intends to soar above the Aonian mount, while it pursues Things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme. - Author: John Milton
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#9. For a musician, smelling a new violin was the equivalent of a reader smelling a new novel. It was a homelike scent that made you realize that the world wasn't a completely terrible place, that there was still beauty that existed. - Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
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#10. I think all of the best nonfiction that has ever been made comes from the result of someone who can't stop thinking about a certain topic - a very specific aspect of a certain topic in some cases. And second, they got really good at figuring out what they had to say about it. - Author: Merlin Mann
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#11. Practice random acts of kindness ... and watch Mom! - Author: Sadie Calvano
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#12. it; she must find out all she could. - Author: Laurel O'Donnell
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#13. Jerry Seinfeld made a puddle, I stepped in it, and wonderful things happened. - Author: Jason Alexander
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#14. A delicious shiver crept down my spine. "I'm not food." "You're right, Syn. You are so much more ... and I wouldn't want word getting out that I like to play with my food. - Author: Amelia Hutchins
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#15. I wouldn't marry Giddon to save my life," Katsa said. "Not even to save yours."
"Well." Raffin's eyes were full of laughter. "I'd leave that part out. - Author: Kristin Cashore
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