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#1. Downtown Newcago spread out before me, its surfaces reflecting starlight. Everything was steel here. Like a cyborg from the future with the skin ripped off. Only, you know, not murderous. Or, well, alive at all.
Man, I thought. I really do suck at metaphors.

Brandon Sanderson

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#2. Where we go depends on what we know, and what we know depends on where we go.

Tess Gerritsen

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#3. You're not a bad man or a stupid man, what you are is a white man.

Barbra-Lee Stephen

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#4. People become depressed when they neglect their spiritual practice.

Dharma Mittra

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#5. I loved writing a book in which, in some ways, it's very, very classical, and in some ways I'm breaking lots of rules about what you can do and what you can't do.

Neil Gaiman

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#6. Indians invest more in Britain than in the rest of European Union combined. It is not because they want to save on interpretation costs, but because they find an environment that is welcoming and familiar.

Narendra Modi

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#7. The plot thickens," he said, and wished he hadn't said that because it sounded like something from a bad detective novel. "I think we have a suspect." That didn't sound much better. "My house has just exploded, by the way." At least that was novel.

Kate Atkinson

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#8. Life is so endlessly delicious

Ruth Reichl

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