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Top 8 New Year's Eve Memorable Quotes

#1. Today they have to be three-dimensional. Technology's changed, the communication, the marketing and advertising community supports beautiful girls that can be articulate and smart. And also Anna Wintour doesn't want to sit next to some girl who can't say two words. - Author: Michael Flutie
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#2. We are all shades of gray. Its been said again and again; Lifes a process we are fleeting moments that come and go, and I'm grateful for my time, my aspirations, my mistakes, my flaws and my abilities, think of me what you will but before you do, don't. - Author: Alex Gaskarth
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#3. What happened at Hiroshima was not only that a scientific breakthrough had occurred and that a great part of the population of a city had been burned to death, but that the problem of the relation of the triumphs of modern science to the human purposes of man had been explicitly defined. - Author: Archibald MacLeish
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#4. The causal body is the most ancient and timeless part of a person. It has the capacity to know and do things that the physical mind and body cannot. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#5. Your perception of the world is ... really a fabrication of your model of the world. You don't really see light or sound. You perceive it because your model says this is how the world is, and those patterns invoke the model. It's hard to believe, but it really is true. - Author: Jeff Hawkins
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#6. Not knowing what will happen makes life fun. - Author: Akechi Mitsuhide
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#7. A crystal clear Colorado sky opens above us, a blue so deep it makes you dizzy. The occasional bright white wispy cloud dances across the firmament, punctuating the deep blue vault of heaven stretching over this paradise. - Author: Neil M. Hanson
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#8. Over the years it [the National Committee for Mental Hygiene] has championed for the promotion of 'mental health' despite the fact that nobody knows what it is or how to do it. - Author: E. Fuller Torrey
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