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Top 11 New Year Greeting Quotes

#1. I have a natural curiosity for people. - Author: Nicholas Haslam
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#2. Tell Me what you want, and
I'll Show you how to get it. - Author: Bob Proctor
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#3. Everybody in mathematics had given up for 100 years or 200 years the idea that you could from pictures, from looking at pictures, find new ideas. That was the case long ago in the Middle Ages, in the Renaissance, in later periods, but then mathematicians had become very abstract. - Author: Benoit Mandelbrot
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#4. I think it's a bill that puts a high priority on religious freedom and recognizes that as a part of the balance. - Author: Asa Hutchinson
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#5. I've always felt some kind of connection to people who are kind of over-smart. People who over-think things to the point of some sort of paralysis, and I think that certainly can be me on any given day. - Author: Noah Baumbach
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#6. May your rice never burn,' is the New Year's greeting of the Chinese. 'May it never be gummy,' is ours. - Author: Irma S. Rombauer
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#7. The three ingredients of poetry: the mystery of the universe, spiritual curiosity, the energy of language. - Author: Mary Oliver
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#8. Now I have realized what the lie is. If I became a tsar, no one would ever dare to tell me a lie. I would have gotten the country under control. - Author: Alexei Nikolaevich
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#9. I want to do a show about a woman who's juggling a career with a relationship. - Author: Nancy Travis
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#10. If you're in a street fight, you don't go after a man's ball sack. Respect the street code. - Author: Martin Reed
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#11. But people don't change their beliefs easily. Even when their deepest convictions are challenged - by the failure of the world to end, for example - they continue on their way, sticking to the old routine: they get back on their weird bikes and ride again. - Author: Louis Theroux
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